I’m beginning to wonder who should be wearing the tin foil hats – the conspiracy theorists or those who want to make vaccinations mandatory. I grew up believing that a person had a right to decide what or what not to put something into their body. But I guess Big Nanny in her bloated wisdom just can’t resist meddling in peoples lifes down to the smallest detail.
The bottom line here isn’t whether to support or be against vaccinations, it’s another way of developing another form of the us versus them mentality. It’s not a case of people being intelligent or fools but being able to make an informed decision based on the pros or cons a person finds on this subject matter. Vaccinations have become another mass marketing ploy to round up as many of us as possible to take one side or another on this issue. I’d rather do my own research and listen to my gut reaction.
I ask how much peer pressure will become a factor in getting a vaccination shot. I can see the pro side trying to embarrass those on the other side of the coin by accusing them of not loving their children enough by not vaccinating them. I wonder what the cover story is. Separating fact from fiction isn’t going to be easy but the research involved is the only way a person can make a sound decision.
From what I read on the Truth Activist website, a Time Magazine op-ed called for non-vaccinated children to be ‘named and shamed’. I doubt if they are thinking on the long term effects on the child involved. This is another way of bullying people. What would happen if the tables were turned and their children were named and shamed for any reason? It was also claimed ‘that the only reason non-vaccinated chiildren don’t get sick is because they are protected by those who are.’  Plus it was said ‘if we all stopped vaccinating tomorrow, there would be an outbreak of various epidemics.’  All of the above quoted statements sound as if they are based on flimsy evidence.
I’m probably one of many who ask just what actually are in the shots that are injected into our body. I refuse to put anything into my body unless I know exactly what it is and I won’t or don’t take anyones word at face value. We need to start asking tough questions whether it’s doctors, the thought police or any of the so called “experts”.

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