Translucent Object Over Whitby, Ontario

Here is photographic evidence of what I witnessed.

This just occurred. Today, May 11th 2012 at 11:16 am. While at home inside looking out the patio door westward. I could see a round white translucent object over Whitby, Ontario. It’s movement were fast in a circling manner.

I just grabbed my camera to attempt in getting a picture. From the time it was noticed until I lost visual sighting of it the sighting lasted about 40 seconds.

I had taken five pictures to try and capture what my eyes were seeing. Three of the pictures came up corrupted – probably a camera glitch: with two not corrupted. Out of the two pictures I did capture what I witnessed second last picture with a zoom. Looks like a white disk object.

Close-up of Paul’s UFO definitely shows a saucer like object.

The other in one of the corrupted picture on no zoom had also captured it. Note the center image only. It appeared about less one mile away and about ten thousand feet + in altitude from my position. After taking the last picture it just vanished.

There was no further sign of it by eye. I continued to watch for it for 10 minutes- nothing.

I can say by watching it with the eye. In further description by movement: It just faded in and out as it did loops- almost translucent in character. I can only conclude it is truly unidentified flying object.

PS All those dark blotches is under the camera lens – poor quality image. Sorry for the poor quality. So now I’m off to buy a new better camera, to once again get full clear picture. Enjoy your May day away…Thanks again for your interest and time.

Publisher’s Note: What do you think? Was it a UFO or was a it an airplane circling Toronto Airport waiting to land? Please comment below. Dirk

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