If you want to explore the inner worlds of being then it is a must for you to develop the ability to travel in your soul body. Yes, Soul, not Astral travel or projection. There is a big difference between the two and the results that can come from them.

Traveling in the Astral body restricts you to only exploring the Astral plane. Traveling in the Soul body enables you to move about not only the Astral but all the worlds above it, including the Soul plane and even higher pure positive God realms.

To get you started here is a technique to help you learn to separate your Soul body from your physical body. It may take some time to achieve positive results so patience and persistence will be required. This particular method worked well for me when I was just starting out.

Darken the room and sit quietly in a comfortable chair with both of your feet on the floor. Do not cross your ankles or legs for to do so will hinder the process. Place your hands in your lap with your fingers interlaced and your thumbs gently touching each other. Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Place your attention on your third eye, located at the center of the forehead and slightly above the eyebrows. Breathe normally now and allow your physical body to relax. After a few minutes of this you may begin to feel a slight pressure, tingling, or maybe a bit of a vibrating sensation in your third eye and possibly a white or golden light within. These are good signs that you are making progress. Now, ever so gently allow your awareness to be drawn into the feeling or the light. You may suddenly feel a sensation of falling or some other movement. Don’t let that frighten you but instead give yourself over to the experience and allow it to happen.

Although it may not take place the first time, if you keep working with this you will eventually discover yourself wide awake in your Soul body on another plane of existence. Then your adventures in spiritual education can really begin.

Remember, you may not experience anything when you first begin practicing this technique. It can take some time to achieve results but the rewards are more than worth the effort you put into it. And in the process you will find you feel more energized, aware, and awake than you ever believed possible.

Give it a try and good traveling.

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