TV series ‘Dark Skies’ special edition DVD set coming soon

A special DVD collection of the 1996-1997 extraterrestrial and UFO-related NBC TV series “Dark Skies” is scheduled for release in the U.S. on Jan. 18, 2011.

“Dark Skies” follows a young congressional staff member, John Loengard, as he comes to Washington, D.C., during the period from 1961 to 1967.

When Loengard (played by Eric Close) is recruited into a secret government UFO agency, he and his girlfriend (Megan Ward) find themselves in the strange world of extraterrestrial invaders and government operatives trying to deal with the challenging situation.

The release of the series on DVD is sure to increase awareness and preparedness about various scenarios generally associated with the UFO phenomena.

People placing advance orders can receive the DVDs by Dec. 9, 2010, when ordering directly from the Shout Factory! home video company.

A “Dark Skies” DVD collection was also released in the UK in October 2010.

The series was created and written by Bryce Zabel and Brent Friedman. It aired on Saturday nights in 1996 and 1997, and included 18 one-hour episodes as well as a two-hour pilot. Zabel and Friedman have both had distinguished careers involving many successful TV projects.

The special U.S. DVD release includes three hours of audio commentaries with the creators and actors Close and Ward about the series pilot and closing episodes.

A 90-minute documentary section gives viewers behind-the-scenes insight into the creative and TV business elements of the series.

Image: “Dark Skies: The Declassified Complete Series” DVD set


The original NBC promos and Emmy Award-winning title sequence opening each episode featured the provocative statement, “They’re here … they’re hostile … and powerful people don’t want you to know. History as we know it is a lie.”

The fast-paced action and suspense drama focused on the experiences of the characters played by actors Close and Ward as they learn more about the disturbing dangers facing the U.S. and the human race.

“Dark Skies” provides insight about possible or probable secret operations and organizations dealing with UFOs, ETs and other unconventional phenomena.

The series also gives viewers perspectives about the 1960s by incorporating real events, music and public personalities of that era.

Other leading actors play fascinating roles. J.T. Ward plays a Navy officer who is part of the secret “Majestic-12” agency dealing with the UFO and ET situation. Jeri Ryan is a covert agent in the same organization.

John M. Jackson also gives an impressive performance. Interestingly, Jackson portrayed the real-life commanding officer of the Roswell Army Air Force base in the revealing 1994 TV movie “Roswell.”

Many other actors contributed to the series, playing roles of people like President Harry Truman, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Carl Sagan, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Marilyn Monroe, Sen. Robert Kennedy, Navy Adm. Roscoe Hillenkotter, Dr. Timothy Leary and others.

Viewers revisit the 1960s yet see those years in a new light, looking deep behind the curtains – behind what we thought was reality.


There are interesting parallels between “Dark Skies” and the current NBC series “The Event.” Both deal with secret goings-on regarding UFOs and unusual visitors or beings.

In both shows, a naïve young couple find themselves thrust into the middle of frightening and mind-bending conspiracies involving shadowy and dangerous agents and the UFO phenomena.

Both series involve a U.S. president and his administration trying to deal with the situation, and deciding how much to tell the public. And, both tell us that beings appearing to be normal humans may not be.

“Dark Skies” creator and writer Zabel also recently co-authored a book with researcher Richard M. Dolan called “A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact.” This book certainly dovetails with “Dark Skies,” which was probably a TV series ahead of its time.

There are many video clips, promos and episode segments of “Dark Skies” on YouTube and other online platforms.

Zabel’s and Dolan’s website also contains links to information on the series and the upcoming DVD release as well as related developments and research.

The special DVD collection will most likely be a valuable contribution to the ongoing learning curve and acclimation for Americans and people around the world as we prepare to deal with more information about UFOs, extraterrestrials, unusual intelligent beings and mysterious scientific discoveries. 

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