UFO Activity Over Nelson, B.C.

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen some activity in the night sky over Nelson. Several times over this period I observed what I first thought was a satellite. Three or four times I watched the craft come from the northwest to the southwest. On two occasions I saw it run directly from north to south. One morning, before dawn, I was in Grand Forks, B.C., when I watched an aircraft approach from the northwest. For a moment it looked as if it was pushed off course by a gust of wind before getting back its original path. The craft was on its way over Venus but just before it did, it suddenly dropped directly southward then changed its course and headed southeast passing underneath Venus.

The more I thought of my sightings, the more I noticed some things about it. The object didn’t seem to be high enough in the sky to be a satellite. I couldn’t make out the body of it as it was lit up and was the same brightness as Venus. There was no sound I heard coming form the craft. It’s open to speculation on what I saw. It could have been a low flying satellite on some sort of mission. I was talking with a friend of mine and we thought it might be one or two things. One was that it might be the military doing test runs on a new project of theirs. The second one was a law enforcement agency doing surveillance on the marijuana grow-ops in the area. Every sighting I’ve seen has been between 3 and 4 in the morning except for one which was at 10:30 p.m. Whether I’ve seen the same craft every time or a different one each time is a question I can’t answer.

I’ve had several other random sightings. In the northwest I’ve seen a white flash of light twice coming from deep space, this sighting confirmed by another person. I’ve seen several times an orange flash of light in the southern portion of the sky in recent weeks. The most bizarre sighting I had was a couple of months ago. Over Highway 6, heading to Salmon, I saw the harvest moon flash for one or two seconds. In the this case “the man on the moon” was facing eastwards as opposed to looking northward on its regular journey through the sky. Three years ago I was in the Slocan Valley just before dawn. Orion the Hunter normally rises in the south and travels northwest. But this morning Orion rose directly to the east of me.

Someone must know exactly what is going on regarding these events. My guess is to start a personal investigation of it.

Ron Murdock
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