The inhabitants of the Archuleta Mesa caverns-aliens or demonic?

Due to the huge paradigm shift within society in the 2nd half of the 20th Century due to technology UFO’s took an interplanetary explanation. Where as before that tag had been placed upon them as sightings of the supposed occupants of these aerial mysteries were referred to as “creatures”. Perhaps that label was closer to the truth. “Creatures” allegedly used by Secretary of State, Cordell Hull when he referred to the alien appearing cadaver that was reportedly kept hidden in an underground facility below the White House circa 1938 according to a close friend who grew up with Cordell Hull and then became a pastor.

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Stage of history set

However, in 1938 with Nazi Germany gaining momentum in Europe and a vague footing of war beginning to materialize, and with Japan already invading Manchuria as the Chinese Emperor’s infiltrated government refused to retaliate, little could anyone have guessed what would happen by 1942. As the secretive military expedition made its way from Los Alamos to the Dulce, New Mexico area the unknown was just being faced. A monumental confrontation would soon take place according to Anthony Sanchez, but was this incident properly interpreted by either the powers that be at the time or author Anthony Sanchez himself?

Reality or myth?

Admittedly, even Sanchez acknowledged that the invaders had coexisted with man since primitive times centuries earlier with only a cover story that they had evacuated their devastated planet to seek asylum on earth even though they were not well suited to our atmosphere and degree of solar radiation, necessitating their underground preference. So the story goes. Yet, the story does not seem to support the actions of an extraterrestrial race that although technically superior, chose to inhabit the underworld instead of the surface of the planet as did the cannibalistic Morlocks who existed underground in the H. G. Wells science fiction classic “The Time Machine”.

Grim parallel

Strangely, there is a bizarre correlation between the Morlocks of the H.G.Wells classic novel and the relationship between the unsuspecting human population and the underground creatures who partook in cattle mutilations by night, abducted humans nocturnally, and even openly assaulted people in larger groups when such actions became unavoidable. The 1942 expedition to the Archuleta Mesa was one of those occasions where open hostility became unavoidable. So, as the first elements of the secret elite unit began to arrive in the area, reconnaissance revealed that indeed rumored underground caverns did indeed exist. orders were quickly given to penetrate the unknown.

Intriguing place

At first foot soldiers who had uncovered the access point under direction of their commanding officer began a slow systematic probe of the caverns. The upper levels proved astonishing in many respects. Evidence of a terrific battle that had taken place decades before seemed evident, but along with this revelation came other fantastic discoveries. Once the complexity of the find was determined, the commanding officer radioed his findings and more experts were ordered in to help decipher the combination of bizarre elements being uncovered by the soldiers.

First impressions

The upper level appeared to have been the seen of a bloody skirmish that had resulted in the deaths of many on both sides. Apparently Native American warriors had raided the caves armed with repeating rifles, six guns, spears, and arrows. Scorching from blasts were evident on the walls of the cavern. Bodies lay strewn on the floors, Weapons of old made for familiar artifacts but there also puzzling devices that appeared to be from an arsenal of some kind, but they were not recognizable. What was supposed to have been a exploration had now become a combination archeological effort as well as a forensics investigation. The commanding officer knowing he was out of his depth had requested specialists to examine what had been found.

This unexpected aspect added to the expeditionary force slowed down the probing into the depths of the caverns and preoccupied the troops with collection of artifacts, labeling, containerizing, and transporting the findings onto the surface where trucks and jeeps had been brought in to ship the contents to proper facilities for examination. Days turned into weeks and a slow progress was made moving deeper into the caverns.

Who were they?

After collecting the forensic evidence of a battle that had preceded the turn of the century in all likelihood, forward scouts began a deeper descent in earnest. At first there were brief and sporadic sightings of diminutive figures peering at the GI’s (General Infantryman) from behind corners. The men quickly realized they were not alone, but who indeed had they happened upon? The decomposed bodies of large heads and small torsos were unrecognizable and had been collected, embalmed, and packaged for further study elsewhere, but now there were the living creatures that made their presence vaguely known as they retreated further down the long dark corridors.

Advanced technology

The expeditionary troops soon realized the cavern walls had transformed into a finished surface not unlike cement, but of a finer type of material. Gone was the rocky natural surface. As they walked along inspecting the bizarre interior of the underground mesa they encountered instrumentality they did not recognize. According to author, Anthony Sanchez, it was the thin flat panel screens and monitors that we are familiar with today only fabricated by another civilization decades before we had manufactured this technology. Unbeknownst to the curious soldiers who squinted at technology they thought was German in origin, they were being watched through the very devices they did not understand.

A changing trail

Further down into the caverns it appeared that the rocky walls had been lined with some kind of strange paneling. There was a change in the atmosphere as a terrible smell was present along with a dank mustiness that made the men sweaty and uncomfortable. This began taking a toll on the men assigned physical labor as the artifacts were being lifted, carried, and moved to the surface. Once it was reported that there was an unknown presence in the caverns, the officer in charge made sure all men were armed and prepared for possible action. Forward scouts ordered deeper into the caverns were now on alert and heavily armed. At that time they had no ground penetrating radar or geologic analysis of the area. They had no idea how deep the caves would go.

Further into hell

The further the scouts probed the more hot and noxious it seemed the air became. it was becoming more difficult for the men to tolerate the adverse conditions. Some men could no longer psychologically handle the underground conditions and were assigned topside duties. Tension and morbid expectation came to a head when two of the furthest forward scouts ran into what looked like adjacent rooms with several frightening entities within. As they quietly crept to a vantage point so they could spy on the strange congregation, a hand gun fell from one man’s holster making an echoish metallic sound as it hot the stone floor.

One deadly mistake

Almost immediately the tense silence was drowned out by the savage reaction of the beings as they rushed out after the men. Before the soldier could grab his Model 1914 and begin firing he was overwhelmed! The other soldier could hear the man’s anguished screams from behind him as he sprinted through the caves toward his comrades with the creatures in hot pursuit! The commotion had began so deep in the caverns that it had not been heard by the main body of the military unit. The soldier continued to run, gasping for breath in the foul smelling air as he tried to put distance between himself and the fiends who had surged over his buddy and were now after him.

The fight breaks out

As he drew closer to his comrades nearly at the end of his endurance, the soldier screamed to the main body of infantry and fired his handgun into the air! Suddenly, the soldiers found themselves face to face with entities they had not thought of as vicious and hostile that were now upon them. These were elite troops, however, trained to respond in every kind of condition and they did! Although surprised at first they responded. The creatures who had swarmed upon the one scout who had blundered deeper down the cavern had  not been confronted by a sophisticated form of resistance they were apparently not prepared for! Fifty caliber machine guns, M-1 rifles, and automatic hand guns were pumped into the ghastly entities that had charged at the expeditionary troops.

The nightmarish fight

Muzzle flashes lit up the dim caverns as the savage firefight raged on. it was clear that these entities were unaccustomed to the weaponry deployed by the elite infantry selected for the mission. Previously they had tasted the sting of Colt 45’s and Henry rifles at the hands of the Apaches who had fought them earlier, but these were well trained soldiers with the most devastating arms issued to any infantry in the world! Even though they fought viciously the creatures succumbed to the concentrated might of US Army issued firepower. During the deadly skirmish some of the advanced weapons of the creatures had been leveled at the troops and these were the ones that had scorched the walls of the upper levels decades before during the battle with the Indian warriors! This did not turn the tide of the battle. What remained of the creatures retreated deeper into the caverns in the wake of the bloody fight.

In the aftermath of the battle, medics were faced with treating wounds they had never seen or been trained to treat. Burns originating from blasts that had been projected by an unknown type of weapon. Lung ailments had also befallen many of the soldiers due to exposure to the submerged cavernous environment. The medical reports were just about as disturbing as everything else reported from the Archuleta Mesa expedition.

The inhabitants

Author Anthony Sanchez claims that after the initial battle reports sent to Washington from accounts given by the commanding officer on site orders, were submitted to wipe out the rest of the “inhabitants” as they were called. The federal government and US military command had no idea who was down there in the Archuleta Mesa caverns, but the area was of significant strategic value and efforts toward weaponizing nuclear research were being delayed!

Pandora’s Box

In his book “The Day After Roswell” Philip J. Corso, author and former US Army  intelligence officer wondered if the supposed crash of the alien disk 75 miles northwest of the 509th Army Airfield was not indeed an intentional seed that had been planted. Had the Roswell wreckage been nothing more than the introduction to mankind of a rapid technological ascent designed to hasten a destructive cold war that would escalate into a third global conflict rife with famine, plague, and pestilence? The designs of evil and godlessness are persistent and all consuming as the government, our media, and Hollywood all play a role in the separation of Church and State, secular humanism, and the attacks on decency that have made our world a continuing arena of terrorism and social unrest.

Outer or inner space

The question remains. Who were those inhabitants who would again emerge years later in 1979 when tunneling operations in the vicinity unearthed another savage confrontation with the “Inhabitants”. Were they really aliens from another planet who had decided to remain underground in a noxious environment or were they the same evil entities that have plagued man since the very beginning in a spiritual war of good and evil that any of us cannot afford to lose because it all has to do with the disposition of our very souls. Sanchez tells us in his book that the “inhabitants had learned their lessons well from the previous 1942 battle with the elite expeditionary force, and, as a result, were prepared when they confronted Phil Schneider’s tunneling unit in 1979. Yet, does this not sound like the recollection of a hive mentality of earthbound creatures rather than extraterrestrials?

Final thought

I remember being amazed at Norio Hayakawa’s documentary on the Dulce underground base and his coverage of the events that surrounded local people, law enforcement, cattle mutilations, and the far reaching impact of such secret projects. Norio seemed so shocked by his own findings that I can only paraphrase his final summation. Seeing that the proliferation of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) alluded to something far more sinister and apocalyptical, Norio Hayakawa glanced directly into the camera saying that they could take us, they could imprison us, they could kill us, but they could not take our souls if we had accepted the Lord. It would seem to this writer that unless things change drastically, we are headed in this very disastrous direction.


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