Under The Weeping Willow

By Louis Hart

Sitting under the Weeping Willow tree and enjoying the pleasant coolness of the moment. A gentle breeze occasionally stirs the low-hanging leaves. It’s nice and quiet here. No cars around. No blaring radios nor televisions. No airplanes roaring overhead. Nobody knows I’m here under this tree but God and God will surely keep it a secret.

I often hear words from the preachers about Heaven on Earth but it’s obvious to me that we haven’t achieved that yet. Not even close. But from a personal viewpoint this spot where I’m sitting is a good example of how it could be. Total peace and contentment in the moment.

We could all have this kind of existence or something similar if we worked at it a bit. But each of us has to decide to make the transition. No one can do it for us.  Each of us can have our own version of Heaven on Earth without interfering with the vision of our brothers and sisters.

Sitting under this Weeping Willow I figure I’m doing my part in bringing about Heaven on Earth now.

When will you start?

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