Unknown Object Below Airplane


Here is a picture that appears interesting to share.

Today on Monday March 18,2013. While outside on morning break in Scarborough. I thought to take a few pictures facing west. Conditions have been quite windy along with much cloud cover. I heard that this area has a storm coming later today.

After reviewing these photos from my camera one picture really caught my eye in wonder to put on my computer.This photo was taken at 10:25am.

This photograph illustrates a low moving jet airliner heading north.What caught my attention in this photo is the dark unknown image below.My friend mg had enhanced the image for better clarification resulting in confirmation not a bird.

Click here to view original photo: https://www.ufodigest.com/sites/default/files/P3182923-med.jpg

Please note that this unknown was not seen with the naked eye * Though this dark unknown image is quite prominent in the photo. Just thought it a interesting image of wonder?

Enjoy Paul

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