Unknown White Amonalies caught on Film During Storm Front


I just took these today.

Today is Thursday January 31,2013.

Click here to enlarge top photo.

There has been considerable amount of atmospheric disturbances here in Scarborough all day.

While on afternoon break outside. I thought to take some pictures to capture the moment.

Then after reviewing them. I found two interesting pictures taken at 3:15pm. Added they were taken towards the CN Tower direction over Toronto. CN Tower– not seen due to dark storm front.

There appears to be a brilliant white disk shape anomalies captured on film. Based on capturing them on two pictures taken seconds apart. This white unknown has moved from north to south in seconds… So it appears NOT to be a cloud.

Also please note : not witnessed with the naked eye. Yet my camera has picked out something unusual. Could there be a attraction to storm fronts?

Enjoy Paul


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