Keeping an eye on the paranormal has been a hobby of mine since I’ve been a youngster. With the recent flurry of paranormal shows hitting the small screen, it’s given me the opportunity to see how things are developing in this field. I’ve been rather diappointed on the questionable material and psychic pollution these shows come out with. The sky is the limit here but that’s probably not a good thing here. It’s as if credible information is set aside, making what is left very doubtful to believe in. If this trend continues, will future paranormal shows start resembling the worst of TV day time talk shows?
It has me wonder what kind of advertisers want to feature their products on the current paranormal shows. It must be the potential of making mega bucks. The misinfomation that is presented in these current crop of paranormal shows must get the public thinking it’s nothing more than a bunch of malarkey and serious investigation is ignored even ridiculed.
The worst paranormal show I’ve come across is the down home good old boys shooting at anything in sight. Or not in sight. I’ll be very surprised if no one gets shot or seriously wounded during the course of this show. One ghost hunter program gives me the creeps but not for paranormal reasons. It’s almost as if they run into a room and yell “here ghost, here ghost, come out Mr. Ghost.” If any ghosts are there, I can almost see them doubling over in laughter. Any effort to tape record what the ghosts are trying to tell us sounds like nothing more than a bunch of static to me. In either of the above shows the warning “Don’t try this at home” should be displayed prior to the program.
A couple of the cryptozoology shows are better and make an attempt to separate fact from fiction. The subject matter is usually interesting but upon the verge of discovery, what they are looking for makes a narrow escape, if it is there in the first place. The saying it could have been anything rings all too true here. I almost feel like contacting them to ask don’t come back until you actually find something.
I do realize that a lot of editing goes into these shows to fit into an one hour time slot. I give credit to the legit researchers and wild life biologists who put in the time necessary into this field. I wonder how they feel about the amateurs pretending to be experts.
I would cast my lot with the two above groups along with highway patrol officers, long haul truckers, loggers and others involved with bush life. They have a superior sense of observation and are more reliable than those who run from the first boo in a so called haunted house or a growl from the woods at night.
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