It looks like if logic has left the room or maybe it has left the planet to see if there are other life forms elsewhere in the Universe. The latest us versus them mentality now involves vaccinations. When it comes to adults it should be left to the individual to get vaccinated or not. As for school aged children it should be left in the hands of the parents to decide not some tribunal or special interest group who sees a number that brings in cash for them not an individual.

A question I ask is how a vaccinated person is in danger from those who aren’t? There must be a contradiction here as isn’t what vaccinations are for to protect people from whatever diseases are here or coming? There must be an Orwellian expression coming to us soon involving health or illness.

In human history there has, probably always will be, some “god” that the majority of people worship whether they admit to it or not. It can be one of the religions that have passed through our history. Some have stayed longer than others or been around longer than necessary. Science has taken on religious overtones of its own. The medical field is now taken on aspects of religious worship they expect from the great unwashed. Basically their mantra is do as we say, follow our orders without question, believe in the god  we’ve created for you to worship without question. If you dare to question us or don’t do what we expect of you then we will assign you to the Hell we have created for you. Like the line from the Simon and Garfunkel song Sound of Silence; “And the people bowed and prayed to the neon god they made.”

All in the name of getting the world’s population to becoming obedient robots or sheeple. We need to learn how to think, ask tough questions before we become brainwashed from cradle to grave, living just to obey orders. It has me wonder just how much hypnotic social programming is happening in our world.

An article I read in early spring struck me as being quite ironic. Los Alamos, New Mexico has the highest rate of non-vaccinated children; their parents apparently work at the Los Alamos labs. Why is this? What do these parents know that we don’t? Could it be that they know what is in the vaccine? A reason I won’t take a vaccination shot is that I want to know what is going into my body. It sounds like the lab workers do and won’t let their children be immunized as a result. So why the big push to vaccinate the rest of us?

The human species has been a hardy bunch over the centuries if not eons. We’ve survived much in the way of epidemics, wars, the Great Depression, what Mother Nature has thrown our way in weather patterns. Yet we have kept on bouncing back time and time again. For how many years have we survived without being vaccinated? Again I ask why the push now for mandatory vaccinations? We are living longer but is the quality of life improved? We’ll never do away with disease at any time in our history. Disease will just come back in stronger strains. Then what?

Your body is your own, only you can decide what goes into it. That is unless you believe the State owns your body and can do anything it wants to it. Instead of using good stuff like education, developing reasoning skills and proper good nutrition, Big Nanny will use fear to get us to succumb to group think, peer pressure and blindly following orders. Will Paradise become Hell or Hell become Paradise?

This issue shouldn’t revolve around mandatory vaccinations but to provide other solutions. Eating wholesome food, drinking clean water, suitable sanitation, easing overcrowding, try to eliminate poverty as much as possible are better goals to aim for. Yet the “experts” and their minions think a shot in the arm is better. I guess it’s all in the name of forcing us into herd mentality and eliminate freedom of choice.

It’s all in the name of making the big bucks therefore more huge profits for the medical cartels. In turn I’m beginning to think we are little more than lab rats for Big Pharma and their employees aka doctors. When the truth isn’t faced, things become part of the problem not the solution.

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