Vampires Are Among Us

By Ron Murdock

There are vampires who mingle amidst the general population. Most are out during the day and they don’t resemble Dracula or Kurt Barlow from Salem’s Lot. In short, vampires look like the rest of us. While they don’t attack people to suck blood from the nearest artery, vampires are out to drain all the positive energy they can get from those around them. Since physical touching isn’t necessary a person still has to take extra precautions to protect themselves from being “bled’ dry.

Before these vampires, leeches if you wish, attach themselves to you, the receiver of the attack needs to set strong personal boundaries and find some form of protection. Take a look at the results of a vampires work. Their victims get the thousand mile stare, become chronic complainers, get high blood pressure, develop ulcers and more than what we care to admit. Since vampires don’t aspire to achieving goals, they pull everyone down to their level. We many need to start a zero tolerance program for putting up with a vampires behaviour.

One can tell when a vampire is in the same room. Everyone’s thinking processes turn into sludge. Physical movement becomes stiff almost paralytic. Time drags or even seem to stop. The downward spiral seems endless. But badmouthing the vampire doesn’t help as the vampire can be shown the light of day and join the club that positive people belong to.

Vampires can work alone or come in groups. They can be whiners, blamers, drama queens, full of themselves, those who want you to fix them, others want to fix you or put others down with flippant remarks. All need to be dealt with effectively. Some can be told quietly that their victim needs some personal space. Others have to be told in much stronger terms. Some intended victims walk away saying they need a “washroom break”. Some crowds have a large number of vampires blending in them. It can happen at any size gathering but what if the major ones are rock concerts, sporting events, political rallies and religious revivals? I call these groups the four horsemen of the modern apocalypse.

Perhaps it is wise to ask for the protection of white light before heading out the door. The best way to deal with any vampire is to set boundaries with them so they know what their limits are. The bottom line there is that you are the master of your life not someone else.




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