Vivenus Starchild: Real Thing Or Struggling Performer?

I have to admit that Vivenus Starchild is a person I really like to meet up with in person and not just settle to read about her or see on YouTube. But I haven’t and probably won’t, so reading about her is all what I have to go on. When given a chance I speak my honest opinion, so getting on with it I will say I really don’t believe here story but I wonder if she speaks English with a Venusian accent. Then it could be a case of a struggling folk artist trying to promote herself.

Just before the National UFO Conference that assembled in New York on June 24, 1967, Starchild appeared on the Long John Nebel all night radio show show on WOR radio. Her story on arriving on our planet was that she left her old body on Venus and stepped off a space ship in Central Park. Does anyone remember this landing? New York City is a pretty big place, so someone must recall seeing it. Upon arriving on our planet the body that Vivenus took was one of a then recent suicide who failed as a singer of love songs. Apparently even the relatives couldn’t tell the difference between the two after Vivenus occupied the body.

Her message at the time sounded like what the 60’s people had to say at the time – peace on Earth, love your fellow man and all that. Enough of us were saying it then as good as it was, so did we really need someone from Venus telling us the same thing?

After staying in New York City for a few months, Vivenus traveled across the USA to spread her interplanetary message. People wanted to read what Vivenus had to say but I assume she had difficulty in writing as she found it hard to put her story down in words. Starchild’s hand written manuscript had to be retyped before it was put out in book form.

The part I had a hard time taking seriously was when Vivenus said she couldn’t prove her origins, her existence or what she shared with others was true. So how can we find out what Vivenus had to say was of any substance? It’s much the same, it being we need saving from ourselves and sometimes I think we drastically need it after I see how we treat ourselves, each other and the planet then fail to take responsibility for our actions.

After spending time on our planet Vivenus felt indifference coming from others she met up with. She started to struggle and learned fear and mistrust then became familiar with the pain of rejection from so called friends when she relayed her message. Whether or not Vivenus was from Venus or not, what would have happened if us Earthlings took her message to heart and made a honest effort to live it?

Eventually Vivenus disappeared without leaving a forwarding address. She had mail delivered to a postal box in Florida, which was collected every so often. There came a time when even die hard believers put both Vivenus and her incredible tale out of sight and out of mind. It isn’t known if Vivenus is alive or not and her whereabouts is unknown to my knowledge.


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