My definition of a Shadow Government is undemocratic people working behind the scenes to directly influence world events for their own ends. But as long as most of us are living pay cheque to pay cheque I see little in the way of an uprising of any size to change this fact. I can’t say what the probability of global unrest is but it would be comforting to know people want to identify who the Shadow Government is and what they are up to. The nightmare is getting so big and we need more than just love and hope to turn things around. I don’t advocate using weapons of any kind as it gives authourities a reason to send in the military to quell the uprising.

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Just how many tricks does the Shadow Government have up it sleeves remains to be seen.  HAARP is rumoured to control the weather on a world wide basis which could cause massive environmental damage anyplace at anytime. The marketplace can be tampered with inflation rising that creates shortages, rising prices and more demand for essential products. Viruses are entering our world at an alarming rate. This and more is keeping us in a fear mode but only if we let it.

As I see it no matter what political party in Canada or the USA is voted in, they are no more than puppets of the Shadow Government. Along with short sightedness, a big problem is the us versus them mentality that needs to be eliminated once and for all time. It has kept us separated from each other for untold centuries.

Several things can happen to those who want to get to the truth of the matter. They may wind up in jail – possibly tortured while there – especially in a military prison. Some could be labelled as a lone nutter, mentality ill or an eccentric to be isolated from the general public so the population doesn’t get “infected” Others disappear never to be heard or found again. A few with any form of importance are forced to resign from their positions. We don’t need to be known as cranks either. It’s as if lies become the truth.

Things have to change as quickly as possible but it will be hard as we’ve been too complacent for years. In fact fast asleep at the switch is a better way of putting it as we’ve become little more than sheeple. It will take more than just voting as we need to wake up more and find ways of getting actively involved. We can’t revert to lawlessness as we become just as bad as those working behind the scenes such as the Shadow Government.

The Shadow Government will use any distraction to pull the wool over our eyes so we miss out on what the truth is. The media for the most part isn’t of any help. The “news” we hear is very tightly controlled, all a person gets is meager half-truths. We have to find ways of getting our power back; the more power we have and use it wisely the more likely the current power structure collapses. One thing we need to avoid is that today’s revolution becoming tomorrow’s status quo, so any system in place will need to change on a continual basis.

How is that we got to the point that money and power controls almost everything? It’s not the love of money that is the root of all evil, the human ego is. Almost all TV shows and “news” channels lack any form of intelligence and motivate people to change the way they think and do things by becoming actively involved. The alternative media, coop radio stations and similar outlets counterbalance the barf coming from the mainstream media.

We need complete openness as secrecy has been abused for so long. Let’s keep the secrets at a minimum. We need to clear out the outdated ideas that most business and places of worship hang onto and get some fresh air circulating.

“Remember that making the world better begins with responsible action.”

Ron Murdock
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