What crashed at Roswell? Deceptions may include truths

By Steve Hammons

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A recently-published book about U.S. defense activities at southern Nevada’s Groom Lake region and an unusual view of the alleged Roswell crash mystery seems to raise interesting questions.

Maybe the most important of these questions is whether the American and international public is ready for more information – accurate information – about the so-called 1947 “Roswell Incident” and related circumstances.

Some researchers say that the global public is ready for “the truth” on the topics of UFOs, extraterrestrial and unusual visitors, and the apparently complex and sensitive elements of the situation.

Other people who have looked into these subjects say that the U.S. and global public might not be ready, but the truth should come out anyway regardless of possible difficult or troubling aspects of “disclosure.”

Another view is that the public is, generally speaking, not yet quite ready for more information and the gradual process of education and acclimation needs to continue in a more seamless manner, not with any kind of jolting announcements or revelations.

Newspaper of the day reports on Roswell case



Since the Roswell case is a foundational part of current perspectives about UFOs, the reference to it in the newly-released book has sparked much discussion in the media and among credible researchers.

The book proposes a quite unusual explanation for the Roswell crash stories.

Rather than a routine weather balloon, a secret high-altitude device with wooden dummies, a test craft with monkeys onboard or the other explanations of the Roswell case, the new book relates an account that reportedly does not seem logical to many researchers.

This new story does say that very odd biological beings were found in an unusual foreign-built craft that crashed near Roswell.

Is there any truth to this version of the Roswell tale? Is it yet another cover story of some kind – a deception operation? Is it also a clue for researchers and the public to follow?

Media professionals have paid quite a bit of attention to this new book and particularly the section about the alleged Roswell crash. As a result, we might wonder if this book, despite doubts about the Roswell section, moves the ball forward in public understanding related to highly-sensitive circumstances and activities?

If so, are we now in a position to learn and understand more about certain details? And, perhaps importantly, can we put new knowledge into a healthy and constructive context that helps human development?

Can we see the forest for the trees?


Despite various views about what the situation might be regarding unusual visitors and anomalous objects and phenomena in our skies, it seems clear that this new book has contributed to a renewed focus on some of the relevant questions about Roswell and the larger situation.

Does this improve our “situational awareness” about emerging and forward-leaning research and discoveries related to the rumors about contact with unconventional visitors?

The longstanding and natural explanation about alleged secrecy and security surrounding this area of study is that national security and possibly global security were involved. As a result, above top secret classification, need-to-know protocols, compartmentalization and deception activities were implemented, according to some researchers.

Additionally, some information has claimed that parallel efforts were undertaken to carefully inform Americans and others in certain ways about what was being discovered – and what we should prepare for.

The question about public readiness for further information seems to still be an important one.

As the public becomes more psychologically, emotionally and spiritually prepared, we may see more relevant information emerge in the media. This public readiness could be directly linked to the surfacing of further interesting insight and understanding.


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