What Is Really Happening At Plum Island?

Plum Island first came to my attention a few months ago when it was featured on a TV show I watched. At the end of it I thought this is a subject conspiracy theorists would have a hey day with. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that most conspiracy theories are sprinkled with a lot more truth than what the official version authorities would have you believe.
Plum Island is where exotic diseases of animals are to be studied and researched plus vaccines for diseases not normally allowed in the Continental United States. I wonder how much research done on diseases that can jump from one species to another and how many could affect humans in a negative manner. I would hate to see what would happen if any number of these diseases escaped one of the laboratories by accident or even by design and got into the general population. Plus are safety issues and disposal of animal bodies are strictly adhere to?
Then I’ve wondered what else is going on at Plum Island and other similar research centers. There is a lot of guess work involved on what does happen here but I find it frightening is that experiments involving animal mutants could be part of what is going on at Plum Island. An example is the Montauk Monster, which I wrote an article on not long ago for UFO Digest. A photograph of this creature looks as if it could be a combination of several species. To pass it off as a carcass of a  raccoon, turtle or a Boxer dog seems incredulous. Does it stop at animals or are tests done on humans? I’m sure the truth doesn’t come out in the sanitized public relations spin that those in charge at Plum Island tell us. The truth is out there but it’s kept far enough from prying eyes and inquiring minds.
If various diseases are stockpiled at Plum Island in any quantity, I would hate to see what the repercussions of a terrorist attack would be like. Especially with New York City so close and how quickly a disease could spread across North America.
If stories are to believed regarding to possible happenings at Plum Island, it could add some truth to reports of Mothman, the New Jersey Devil and similar creatures. Some could be natural occurring species but what if some are hybrids put together at these laboratories? The human race is one that likes to meddle with the natural order of things, so who knows what we’ve tried to do in the name of science.
Despite the rumours I’ve heard, I hope one thing that isn’t happening is the combination of humans and animals. The creation of humanzees or minotaurs is a product of what I would think is a twisted mind. Prior to Dolly the sheep being paraded in the public arena, there was apparently some grotesque clones of sheep that had happened.
At the Dulce underground facility in New Mexico, workers were to have seen things so terrifying they refused to talk about it. From David Icke’s book “Children of the Matrix” I read that at Dulce that there are multi-legged “humans” that resembled half human/half octopus. Icke went to describe other creations and information that was passed on to him. Among them was that Dulce scientists were able to separate the “bioplasmic body” from the physical one and place an “alien entity” or consciousness within the human body. The person still looks the same but a different force is dictating the behaviour.
If anything I’ve written about here is close to the truth, how do we stop meddling with Mother Nature before she bites us back and we pay the price?
Ron Murdock
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