What would public readiness officer say on UFOs, extraterrestrials, edge science?

Amid the research into alleged UFOs, extraterrestrial visitation, unusual intelligences, weird physics, expanded human consciousness, other dimensions and similar kinds of edge-science topics, there is also the element of public acclimation or public preparedness.

Some researchers have indicated that certain individuals and groups may have been working for several decades to gradually get us ready to face some of these interesting and surprising developments.

The public acclimation agents and activities might have discreetly worked with moviemakers, writers, journalists, others in the media as well as those researchers looking into unconventional science subjects.

At least that is one line of thought.

Are certain areas of our defense, intelligence, scientific, media and other communities involved in this?

If so, what might such a public readiness officer say to us?

Photo: Acclimation officer at her desk?


He or she might tell us that there are several areas of discovery that are complex and sensitive. These developments could change the way we look at ourselves, life, the Earth and the Universe.

We might be told that gradual and safe public education and orientation about discoveries in human consciousness – such as those of Project STAR GATE – will benefit the human race.

Even though Project STAR GATE was top secret for many years, information about it is now widely available and awareness about the implications is steadily growing.

A public acclimation advisor could explain that enhanced human perception might be helpful in dealing with extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional visitors, as well as other intelligences that may be around us, but are hidden or semi-hidden.

Some of these intelligences could be angels or unusual creatures of some kind that can move in and out of different dimensions that exist in a multi-verse around us and within us. They can move through the mysterious veils, boundaries or portals, and can be both seen and unseen, our readiness officer might tell us.

And, we might be cautioned that, though many intelligences and forces are good, some may be problematic or even dangerous. Some might also simply be wild and free creatures that are unpredictable.

In short, there are several kinds of emerging developments that may or may not be connected in clear ways. Our readiness agent might explain that all the answers and all the puzzle pieces are not fully understood, though they and we are trying to gather more information and get a better understanding of the bigger picture.

That bigger picture could include a much larger and more comprehensive intelligence, force or plan. And the coincidences and synchronicities we sometimes experience can have meaning that we don’t understand at the time, according to the hypothetical preparedness advisor.

There are many mysteries. And even though we try to understand them to the best of our ability, maybe it is supposed to remain an ongoing mystery. Maybe it is supposed to be that way, we might be told.


The American and international public will continue on their learning curve about these leading-edge subjects, the officer tells us.

Educational institutions, media platforms, scientific activities, governmental groups and average people will continue on a path of greater understanding and will apply this understanding in positive ways. However, there could be some challenging elements as well, according to the readiness advisor.

Eventually, there will most likely be a tipping point or paradigm shift when we experience a more comprehensive changed awareness. Then, things will become a bit more clear, the officer says.

Our acclimation agent might hint to us that the picture might become a lot more clear and something quite interesting and positive could occur.

But what? We aren’t quite sure, the acclimation advisor tells us. It’s somewhat out of our hands. We just have to do our best and be prepared. There are larger forces at work.

Our research, intelligence and reconnaissance have picked up a lot of information and indications. But, it’s difficult to identify the exact path that emerging developments might take, the advisor tells us.

We can just do what we can do, and try to improve our understanding and make the best choices we know how to make. We public acclimation officers can’t hold your hand – each human being, family, organization, community, tribe and nation must take responsibility to open their minds, learn, develop, be honorable and compassionate, do the right things and move forward.

The preparedness officer might ask us if we have any further questions. Only about a million.

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