When Worlds Touch

When Worlds Touch

By Louis Hart

There are places and times when strange things happen.

A weird sound or two seems to suddenly come out of thin air. Then, just as suddenly, all sounds cease and there is complete silence.

I feel disoriented. In which direction was I walking…and why? Is it day or night? It seems to be both. How can that be? I notice some distance away is a strange looking arched rock. I don’t recall ever seeing it previously although I have visited this place many times. At least I think I have.

Suddenly I am standing before the arched rock. I don’t know how I got here. It’s like I blinked my eyes and I, well, I instantly moved to this spot. This arch makes me think of an entrance to someplace. But where? I feel on the brink of something. But what?

The space between the arch begins to shimmer and sparkle. A man materializes and steps through the arch. He appears to be Native American and I sense a great power radiating from him.

He greets me with a slight nod and smiles slightly but tells me in a very somber way that he is here to prevent a meeting between two different life streams of the same monad. In some cases such a meeting can be advantageous and even somewhat humorous but in this instance it will cause a disruption for both beings. He says the touching of two worlds at this particular moment has set up the possible encounter.

He waves off my unasked questions, telling me all will be answered at another time. Turning to face the arch he makes a series of fluid gestures and softly speaks some words. I am temporarily blinded by a flash of light which is followed by a great rushing wind that almost blows me off my feet.

When my vision returns the arched rock is nowhere to be seen. The birds are singing and all seems normal.


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