William Cooper a casualty of UFO secrecy

William Cooper, a man who served his country betrayed by the government.

William Cooper was a patriot. He was a highly decorated military servant of the US. Honorably discharged in 1965 after serving in the US Air Force in the B-52 bomber command among other units. He then joined that US Navy and attained a high rank in record time as a Chief Petty Officer in the 8 years he served. Cooper was once again honorably discharged from his commission as a Naval intelligence officer.

As a civilian he became a well known writer, whistle blower, and host on the radio waves as well as being a short wave broadcaster. His exploits in the armed services allowed him to come in contact with highly sensitive information on UFO’s that would amaze and shock audiences and researchers alike.

Being right but in the wrong place at the wrong time

Unfortunately, William Cooper is part of the fatalistic heroes whose ranks have been decimated by the persecution of corrupt government suppression of truth. Cooper would pay the ultimate price for his release of  enlightening insight on the UFO agenda as well as the secret government that really runs this country. When you run afoul of the powers that be, your unselfish attempts to inform the public can result in deadly repercussions. This was the fate that would await Cooper in 2001.

Informing people through his lectures and books, Cooper was committed to unleashing the truth after 17 years of military service and being held to an oath of secrecy. As a public service, I’ll skim through some of the fantastic events that he revealed during the course of his tenure as public whistle blower.

At many of his lectures William exposed the shocking revelations of multiple alien space crafts that had been recovered due to crashes or landings. One startling admission he made was that 2 UFO crashes that had occurred near Aztec, New Mexico were being guarded with all possible secrecy by the government. Why? Due to the fact that there were human body parts stored within these ships. The military was convinced they had to prevent a panic of the civilian populace.

William Cooper revealed that underground bases were built in Dulce, New Mexico, S-4 at Area 51, and other sites near the four corners region of Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. At a time when few had any idea of such developments, William Cooper utilized the forbidden truths he had discovered while being cleared beyond top secret status in the Navy to awaken the sleeping American public.

William Cooper had also encountered other inconveniently shocking revelations. According to him the Eisenhower administration had been confronted by 2 alien civilizations that had sought to establish diplomatic relations with mankind. One civilization, had demanded nuclear disarmament in order to share technical advancement, stating that humans were not spiritually developed enough to handle the responsibility of being thrust further into the future.

The other alien race, which had initially approached Eisenhower’s government had struck a deal. They would exchange advanced technology with US sources under certain disturbing conditions. There would be a certain number of abductions allowed for medical experiments under the condition that these individuals would not be harmed and returned at the site of their disappearance. In the face of being disarmed, Eisenhower’s aids advised taking the other option allowing an ominous trade off.

It was apparent from the beginning that this alien race had no intention of honoring their agreement and cattle mutilation and human abductions began to occur with an alarming frequency. Human armament at the time was no match for these extraterrestrials either. Many pilots and aircraft would end up being destroyed or would simply disappear.

Blowing the whistle on deep underground bases

According to William Cooper joint alien human underground bases began to be constructed once an uneasy truce between both factions had been achieved years later. Cooper alleged that a UFO meeting much like Spielberg’s movie, “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind” had already occurred by 1954 at Holloman  Air Base in New Mexico.

Cooper also revealed that during an underground operation that the aliens had captured a number of US scientists assigned to work with them which was met with a skirmish led by Green Beret and Black Operations personnel resulting in the deaths of 66 soldiers, who were unable to cope with the superior technology of their foes. Eventually normalization of relations between humans and their alien counterparts was again achieved and the two work together to this day.

Stepping on the wrong toes

William also exposed the emerging new world order. Poised to unite the world under a single dictatorship, populations would be oppressed beneath the will of bankers, billionaires, and ruthless military leaders who would not hesitate to exterminate 2 billion people in order to preserve their empire.

The clandestined government attack

Unfortunately for us and William Cooper, the government stepped in to begin harassing him. First the IRS who could not answer William’s legal demands for identifying their jurisdiction nor their Constitutional authority. As a result, they resorted to trumped up charges in violation of due process as the IRS often does. Cooper was accused of false charges.

Taking on the powers that be

After weeks of surveillance and government intimidation, the day of a final confrontation ocurred. County deputies converged on his residence after weeks of pressure by government factions, but Cooper refused to back down and warned that any illegal threats to him and his family would be met with his right to use force. An account of the final fatal confrontation said that Cooper ran from deputies while firing back at them, killing one deputy. The interesting thing about the report was that William Cooper only had one leg. He had lost a leg in the service of his country, and was quite incapable of running on foot from the sheriffs. Cooper paid the cost of truth with his life. In the end William Cooper said it mattered not how many UFO’s had crashed and been recovered, but that it had happened. He said that what happened to himself was of no concern to him as what he needed to get off his chest was far more important than his life. However, William Cooper’s primary concern was the apathy he witnessed among the people of America, and he recognized this as a deadly recipe for the loss of freedom. He viewed his fellow Americans as sheep rife for the slaughter. Yes, William you were so right!


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