A Four Letter Word, Math

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I read an article today, published at Mail Online, that covered a paper recently published by two scientists from the University of Edinburgh. These two professors actually did some math.

Now for many the word math is indeed, a four letter word. Most folks just hate math. They hated it in grade school, high school and avoided it in college. This group is very large. I understand the impulse to avoid doing math. It is very similar to avoiding the dentist. Eventually you have to use both.

But these two brave souls actually did the math required to prove that alien probes, which can self replicate, could use the slingshot effect of the gravitational pull of stars, to have entirely explored our galaxy. By utilizing the dust and gas that floats freely in space, to effect repairs on the probe, or to build a new one and shoot it off in a different direction.

Strangely, I have heard Michao Kaku say exactly the same thing years ago. Kaku is a very well respected physicist and you cannot tell me he didn’t do the required math to make such a statement. I suppose the difference lies in the fact these two professors published in a respected scientific journal. That is required to get the stamp of “main stream science.”

Never the less, in this article a scientist was quoted saying that our lack of detection of these probes could mean we are alone in our galaxy.


What a ridiculous statement. Just math alone demands there to be additional highly civilized entities within the galaxy. It is the math of probability. If a person played one lottery ticket for enough time, probably millions of years, eventually they will win. Well, our galaxy is billions of years old. That lottery ticket has probably hit several times. And no, I will not do the math required to prove this statement, as I think it is simply common sense. Perhaps that is why Kaku hasn’t made a bigger deal out of this theory. It’s just common sense.

So how could a respected scientist even consider our being alone? Well there is a very, very long shot mathematical chance that the statement could be true. It is theoretically possible for us to be alone, but certainly nowhere near probable.

But the arrogance of saying that only because we cannot detect these probes, they do not exist. We have barely begun to learn how to see in different spectrums. It is theoretically argued that numerous dimensions exist. We don’t know how to look at those with our wonderful earth technology. What if those probes travel in a dimension or even a spectrum that we don’t know how to see? I mean, millions of witnesses describe these things appearing and disappearing within seconds. We cannot even identify those. So how can we be expected to identify these self replicating probes?


I think it highly likely that these two professors are speaking of what Kaku calls a type two civilization. There is a scale based on energy production that begins a zero – which is us. A type one civilization can harness the power of a planet, a type two the power of a star. Imagine the amount of energy in a star! I think if these probes were designed by a type two civilization who could utilize the power of an entire star, they could design something we might not detect. And again, simple common sense argues that these aliens can slip something by our all seeing eyes. I think Occam’s razor is on my side on this one.

In fact, just in our own atmosphere, there are many candidates to be some of these probes. Again, the many sightings of the orange orbs, or the disappearing ufos, or the multiple records of rock art from ancient times, with these same indications. What if these probes scoped out earth before we came out of our caves? Or even before? Our main stream science says we’ve been modern for a couple hundred thousand years. A very piddling time span in the overall billions of years of history. I think it very possible we missed our cosmic probing.


The most likely is that scientist just made a dumb statement. We have all done that. Said something and immediately thought, “where the hell did that come from?” And if you do that while being interviewed, it is very hard to immediately correct yourself. And interviews are almost always edited. So it is very possible his retraction of such an arrogant statement, lies on the cutting room floor.

In fact, this may illustrate the immature and uninformed way the main stream media treats our entire subject of esoterica. Many readers will just take that statement of cosmic loneliness at face value. They will not use the common sense to see the mathematical improbability of such a statement. They will simply decide extraterrestrial intelligence doesn’t exist in our galaxy. And this is how disinformation works. The few who understand the silliness of our being alone, just don’t matter. It is the many who will take such statements without analysis who matter. As long as we can be ridiculed, disrespected and pushed into the freak pile, the non thinkers will continue on while the open minded are marginalized.


This article published in the main stream by these two professors has great worth. On the face of this critique one might assume I think differently. But simply because this very common sense piece was presented in such a manner, it is possible that it just may pry open a few closed minds in the main stream of scientific theory. It is time to pursue such studies in those gilded halls of academia.

Over and over in history, academic science is led to a new paradigm of knowledge by a commoner. A person with an interest, a brain and the ability to use it, but no accreditations. No Ph. D. after a name and the baby is thrown out with the bath water. But let an accredited academic publish this same knowledge in an accredited publication, and the world wakes up. Perhaps this article will start that ball rolling. I hope so, as it is past time, And we should never be afraid of this particular four letter word, math.

Source: Hubblesite.org



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