Operation Paperclip, 2012, And The Coming Alien Invasion

It was World War Two, and the Germans had been bombarding England with a new fangled weapon called a “rocket.” The V-2 rocket to be exact. These were almost laughable by today’s sophisticated standards, but our weapons may never have happened without these rudimentary Nazi rockets. But, as is now history, even the rockets were not enough to pull Germany’s bacon from the fire.

But the United States military did a fine job of pulling 1,600 scientists, engineers and specialists to build our own budding missile and space programs. Leading among these was Werhner Von Braun, who became head of NASA. He and fellow rocket scientist Arthur Rudolph, along with physician Hubertus Strughold all had to have their Nazi records purged, as they would have been considered dangerous to the United States. But due to their superior knowledge, and the fact the country needed their expertise to fight the cold war against the U.S.S.R., these war criminals were treated as heroes. And there always remained doubt as to which master they actually served. Never the less, our military saw fit to import over a thousand men to help in that unspoken and silent war.


Our military described nuclear physicist Werhner Heisenburg, who headed the German nuclear project, as worth more than ten German divisions. This was the value placed on these “Paperclip People.” There accomplishments were legendary before we imported these folks, and what they accomplished in the service of our government is astounding to say the least.

Werhner Von Braun was perhaps the most visible. He was instrumental in rocketry and went on to become the head of NASA, which is astounding when one considers his shady and questionable past. How he became so powerful in spite of that past is the stuff of books and novels, perhaps, but suffice to say he was a brilliant man, indeed. He was the creator of the Saturn V rocket that enabled us to go to the moon. Such a big rocket has never been built again. But it propelled our tin cans to the moon and back and for this, as well as his many other huge accomplishments, he became a national hero.

Von Braun is rumored to have confided in a personal friend that the next world war would be a false flag operation at the behest of a new world order, and it would take the form of an invasion by extraterrestrial beings. This would be accomplished by the fact the military would be so far technologically ahead of the public, that the illusion of an invasion would be easily faked. While years back, this sounded like a pipe dream of an aging man, today it sounds much more reasonable.


There was much speculation that this “invasion” would come during the recent Olympic Games in London, U.K., however, as much as hoaxers tried to make it so, it did not happen. This speculation was addressed by Nick Pope, former Ministry of Defense head of their ufo desk. He felt as if the allies could repel such an invasion, but the disagreement flew after his much publicized statement. In the end, perhaps it was much ado about nothing.

I have a different theory. If I were asked to plan such a false flag operation, there is no doubt the target date would be December 21, 2012! Of course, with the end of the Mayan calendar getting such play in the press, the U.S. election and the accompanying stress, and the generally awful state of world economy, wouldn’t this be a perfect time to insert fear of the unknown into the mix? This would undoubtedly cause the great masses to look to their governments for their security. And security is the great carrot at the end of the marshall law stick.

After all, would you give up your right to an attorney, if it would save your family from getting fried by an alien ray gun? Of course! Most would gladly give up anything to be saved from such a fate, particularly family members. And with the constant fear of instant death, citizenry congeals around the military. This is how numerous dictators have come to power over the centuries. By the fearful public looking for a leader to deliver them from their misery. Hitler was such a figure. Germany was in ruins, both physically and economically when he came to power. And by using government to re arm, and reestablish the country in the world economy, cemented his ability to propagate unimaginable evil. Well, many would argue the same conditions are relevant today.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one event to go viral on youtube, and the world will be in a panic. Particularly if it manifests with an attack of the World Trade Center attack of September 11, 2001 magnitude, where perhaps thousands of innocent people die from some kind of “alien attack.” First it would probably show up on the internet, then the main stream media would run with the story. However, when one examines the ownership of that main stream media, you find very few owners. It is easily imagined how this could be manipulated by huge economic interests. When one is threatened with the loss of his enterprise, it is nearly as frightening as that threat of his family being fried by those little green men.

If these evil plans were to culminate on that fearsome solstice, this would act to legitimize those fears that already exist regarding this date. And with the unrest around the globe, the Arab Spring, the civil war in Syria, the attempts to involve Turkey and thereby NATO, our own wars in Afghanistan and the remnants of our devastation of Iraq, the constant hair trigger that exists between Pakistan and India, and now, the unrest regarding possession of islands between China and Japan, not to mention Russia, all leads to worldwide fear. Terrorism, war, economic ruin, and then an alien invasion. How could this not drive the great masses into sheer panic?


First, I will need to actually see, touch, greet and believe I see a real alien. I will not believe in one I see on television. I will not believe in one I actually see in person, as the government and CNN possesses holographic technology that can fool one. No, I must touch and look into the eyes, however many there are, of an actual alien before I will believe this invasion to be real. Why?

Millions have reported seeing unidentified flying objects. These are largely explainable by normal things that appear in our atmosphere. Space junk, meteors, even flying insects can fool a camera. But of these millions of reports, most believers and skeptics agree that around five percent are indeed unidentifiable. What does this mean? Well, we’re not to the little green men by a long shot. Perhaps these are all government black operation vehicles that are decades ahead of civilian technology. After all, our stealth planes were reported as ufos for a couple of decades before being disclosed to the public. Why not flying saucers, triangles, ufos, usos, almost anything actually. Nicoli Tesla discovered amazing things about electricity and electromagnetic forces over a hundred years ago. Does anyone actually believe our government just threw that work away without further development? I certainly don’t. In fact, if indeed the government has worked out a propulsion system based on electromagnetic energy, that could lead to a petroleum free world. Is that something that should be kept a secret, or disclosed and developed immediately?


These are all legitimate questions. Questions being the operative word here. No one reads question marks! In so many articles and books, authors like Eric Von Daniken always complain that the public reads declarative statements into sentences that end with a question mark, I also experience great stress from this phenomena. Did we quit teaching question marks in school? Does no one remember what they mean? That this is not a statement of fact, but a hypothesis of something that could be? See, did you read all those question marks?

Well, there are always questions on top of questions. When one opens this can of worms, they just never stop crawling out. One question leads to another, to even more, and they seem to explode exponentially. So we are left with educated guesses. Our most accepted scientific “facts” are almost always found to be wrong given time. And if not wrong, certainly incomplete. This is how technology seems to work. Someone develops an idea, a question is posed, and other scientists go to work trying to disprove this theory. If this theory, or question, stands up to the barrage of scientific debunkers, it becomes accepted as fact. So, in the process of disproving this theory, most discover other things that evolve into even more theories, hoards of scientists doing research, and so on, etc. So what does this mean?

Our government has a well documented history of lying to us. Over and over. Many times, they have experimented on us without our knowledge. I cite the up close and personal way they let soldiers and civilians, like John Wayne, view nuclear tests knowing they would be irradiated. The way they gave unknowing people LSD. How they used chemicals and other experimental weapons on the unsuspecting. Even Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense and Vietnam war hawk, admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident never happened. And that was the main reason used for escalating that war that led to over 50,000 teenagers being killed. In fact, in his last presidential speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower warned that the military/industrial establishment would take over the government if left unchecked. Well, Ike, seems like we left it that way to me.


I don’t have an answer than to say I would not be surprised at almost anything. Perhaps there are wicked aliens who want to devour us for their dinner. Perhaps the New World Order is finally ready to make their move via a false flag invasion from outer space ala Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” broadcast that sent New Jersey into panic. Perhaps those FEMA camps Alex Jones rails on about are open and ready for business. Maybe this is someone’s way of cleaning up the world economic mess. Or maybe it is just so much hot air. Notice I became tired of question marks as well? I don’t know anything, apparently. But I will be on my guard come the winter solstice. And if I’m wrong about our government, and Werner Von Braun and Ike had it wrong, perhaps I can actually shake the hand of an extraterrestrial!

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