Aliens Off The West Coast?- REVISED

In 2008, Linda Moulton Howe reported on “The Isaac Story” which opened some eyes around this bay. Isaac, a false name for anonymity, claims to have worked on alien ship parts obtained from crashed or captured craft. He said he worked for the government at an installation near San Jose, California at the southern tip of San Francisco Bay. The NASA Ames Research Center is also located there, as well as the S.E.T.I. headquarters. In her report at Linda, an Emmy Award winning investigative journalist, explains that Isaac claimed that the government was in possession of a weapon that could make ufos visible and shoot them down! Now, this is astounding information if true. But therein lies the question and a part of the great mystery of Monterey Bay.


Monterey Canyon which originates at the mouth of the Salinas river, is a very deep canyon that runs into the bay and then exits at the deep ocean floor. This canyon is still one thousand feet deep right at shore, and quickly drops to average 5,000 feet inside the bay. After meandering a bit through the bay, it exits and drops to a huge alluvial fan at 11,800 feet deep. This fan contributes to this mysterious bay. As main stream geologists do not believe this deep canyon and particularly the fan, could have been produced by the small, and often dry Salinas river. In fact, the prevailing theory is that it was produced by the Colorado river before Baja California broke away from the mainland. And not only does this canyon exit into the deep ocean, so does the deep canyon system in the Santa Barbara Channel to the south and seen from Los Angeles. These canyons are very significant as they provide deep cover for all manners of submersible craft. In fact, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Magazine, a Chinese submarine fired a missile that the main stream media tried to write off as a contrail from an approaching jet. Perhaps you’ll remember it was filmed by a television news camera over Los Angeles. In fact, there have been so many unidentified submersible objects in that channel, that many including Duff believe there is an alien base located there in the depths.

So with NASA Ames at the tip of San Francisco Bay, and the very deep canyon systems scattered on down the California coast, there is ample cover for the covert. But why suspect this area? Because it is just plumb full of government folks. High up government folks, like Monterey hometown hero, Leon Panetta, U.S. Secretary of Defense. He and his wife operate the Panetta Institute there, and feature world leaders being interviewed and answering questions from the very well heeled crowd. But the Panetta’s are not alone there, as this beautiful seaside town is home to the Monterey Institute of International Studies, the Defense Language Institute, NOAA, a Coast Guard station, old Fort Ord, and last but certainly not lease, the Naval Postgraduate School where our cyber warfare takes place. It is also the location of many who pilot our drones in Afghanistan and elsewhere. But perhaps the most convenient reason for this location, is it makes a perfect place for the movers and shakers of the military/industrial establishment to show off their wares.

Monterey Peninsula is home of the world’s wealthiest people as they either visit often or reside there. There is Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, and Cypress Point, the three most famous golf courses featured for years at the Bing Crosby Clambake P.G.A. tournament, now sponsored by AT&T. Cypress Point is home to only the most powerful and rich, as even professional golfers need to be invited by members, whose number is very, very low. But for the decision makers at the Pentagon, they only need look up from a putt to see our latest black operations marvels. In Carmel By The Sea, where a former mayor made a fairly controversial speech at the republican convention this last summer, is a town where a million dollars might buy a thousand square feet. Very exclusive and not the most expensive area on the peninsula by far!


UFO sightings! Lots of them. My wife and I have seen three strange things, that Occam’s Razor indicates that are military in nature. But let’s begin clear back at Isaac. In Linda’s report, photographs and testimony are featured that show the same craft over the bay, and at Lake Tahoe. This makes sense as the Naval Top Gun Flight School is located at nearby Fallon, Nevada and their favorite gunnery range happens to be the Farallone Islands, just off the coast from San Francisco and inside the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. This sanctuary extends from approximately the Golden Gate at San Francisco and out to sea to encompass the Farallones. Then a fairly straight line down the Big Sur coast and ends at Morro Bay. This area is protected from commercial fishing and freight traffic. Convenient, don’t you think? As this area also provides deep water access to the Santa Barbara Channel, and the suspected bases underwater there.

Isaac made his report in 08. In October of 2010, my wife was grocery shopping at Nob Hill Foods, in Pacific Grove where we lived at the time. As she completed her transaction, the lights in the store dimmed to an eerie orange glow and all machines went off. As we have lived in the state long enough, we have experience with the many famous “brownouts” that have happened over time. This effect looked nothing like those. In fact, the same effect was happening at our apartment where I sat a few miles away from the store. Now, on the way home we always drove right along the bay as we are avid sea life observers and know what to look at. She saw roiling water, an indicator of a feeding frenzy where predators round up bait fish into a rapidly whirling ball. These predators, usually tuna, can also be dolphin, or even humpback whales. You might remember a recent viral video on the web showing a surfer, two guys in kayaks, and a whale that surfaces with open mouth and just misses swallowing 3 people. That happened right off Santa Cruz on the bay. So she pulled over.

But what she saw was perhaps a predator, but not a native of the ocean. A beam of what she describes as white energy emerged from that roiling water. At a forty five degree angle, she followed this beam with her eyes to find a space, then a craft that looked very much like the one photographed in the Isaac case. This craft glowed blue, and the surrounding marine layer, at approximately a thousand feet, glowed orange just like our lights. An interesting detail is that I could turn the wall switch on and off, and the glow would respond, though all our lamps and anything plugged into the wall ceased to operate. Just as the beam reached its end, this craft shot off towards NASA Ames at an incredible speed. When my wife came home, her first words were, “thank God the lights are this way!” She felt, as do I, that that supports the reality of her sighting. As you may know from your own experience, one always tries not to believe his lying eyes!

Then just a few months later, during the week between Christmas and New Years Day, I saw my own unexplained sight. A string of lights far off the coast, almost to the horizon. Mine took place at night, my wife’s sighting was in broad daylight. This string of lights had a few particular characteristics that exactly duplicated a photo taken by a soldier over one of our Afghanistan bases. And the craft which later buzzed the coast, looked like many others photographed in many places, one such being over the mouth of the Thames river near London.

This summer, on the night in August featuring the “blue moon”, we saw two. We both observed a second moon, just offset and to the upper right of the real one. How did we know? The false one was surrounded by a blue ring. This sighting lasted long enough for us to drag our little telescope from our RV and observe this second moon through it. The entire event lasted at least a half hour. Yet, why did we not use the camera that was much, much easier to retrieve than that telescope? Well, that is the subject of a different column I think. But suffice to say that with both of us observing the same thing for so long, when it turned into a beam of white light and shot away, we were just not that surprised.


Gordon Duff appeared on Tuesday, October 16th on Coast to Coast radio with George Noory. On this show, this highly placed person claimed that the Chinese, Japanese and to a lesser extent the U.S. are fighting an action right off San Francisco against malevolent aliens. He says their base is located in the Santa Barbara Channel and that the action is farther north. The U.S., he believes, is not as involved due to our operations in the middle east. So the Chinese missile off Los Angeles is not too surprising. And considering that almost all our black operations involving space are done at Vandenburg Air Force Base on Point Conception near Lompoc, a ufo just might find interest in that area.

If what Duff says is true, then it certainly jives with our own sightings, and further supports what I will not call my belief, but certainly a pet theory. I think there may be a tunnel connecting Monterey Bay with NASA Ames Research Center. Here is why.

Fort Ord processed hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of our soldiers from their basic training, to their assignments in so many of our wars. This was a huge fort built on the eastern side of Monterey Bay, just east of town. It is built upon hard, compacted sand dunes. Perfect for anything built underground, and protected by a disturbing fence that warns of unexploded ordinance. While I am sure copeiuos amounts of ordinance was exploded there, I am somewhat doubtful of this claim, or at least the apparently unsuccessful clean up effort there. While closed during the purges of so many military bases in the past, this base is still largely unoccupied. There is a branch, small though it is, of the Cal State University system that covers a small percentage of the former base, but most is fence and vacant, supposedly!

I think it just makes sense to locate an underground submarine base and tunnel right under those dunes. Highway 101 travels a natural pathway from nearby Salinas, north and goes right next to the NASA facility. This road is built in that place due to the natural geography, its proximity to the San Andreas fault zone, and the fact that that rock strata is somewhat stable and easy to work. It really sets up well for one of our new tunnel eating machines being spoken of in various internet forums. With nice smooth walls, then either flooded with water or perhaps home of one of the mag trains, it could as easily transport a government ufo (for lack of a better term) as a nuclear sub. Duff says our government has developed seven craft that use nuclear fusion as propulsion, and can go as fast as 16,000 mph in atmosphere and approach the speed of light in space. Now, this man has credentials! He is probably not some nut job trying to make a name in the ufological world. In fact, he claims to possess high security clearance and could be the second “secret” person to come forward recently. William Binney claims to also be a government employee with news to share. This leads me to speculate.


Could this be so? Why, has our government ever lied to the public, or even their own military soldiers? Repeatedly would be the correct answer. Let’s take the “witnesses” who were assured their safety while observing a Nevada nuclear test up close and personal. In fact, John Wayne of Hollywood fame, believed his cancer was a result of such an “observation”, or so they say. Some who definitely believe their fate was sealed by such a test, are the “downwinders” of southern Utah. One fine day a test was done, and the wind blew the wrong way. Some poor meteorologist probably got fired that day, but that is little comfort to all those grieving families. And there were the famous LSD experiments on unknowing people. In fact, the government, or their former members, have publically admitted to lies. Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense who was a main protagonist of the escalating involvement in the war in Vietnam, said the Gulf of Tonkin Incident never happened. Yet, that was his main selling point for escalation.

So, can these witnesses be believed? Well, can I? I think we could doubt our own testimony if not for that double sighting of the second moon. We both saw that, talked about it for months, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we both observed something. Now, was it just inside our heads? If so, then how? I suppose there could be instances that psychiatrists might cite, but I know what we saw. I know we are not loony. And I know there is something very suspicious going on in that area. Duff says our secret space program, which has been spoken of by Richard Dolan, is a hundred years ahead of what has been shown to the public. He is not alone in that belief. After all, in the early seventies did our space program just put on the brakes and die for a decade or more? I hardly think so. I think it just went underground into the world of “black operations.”

So is there a tunnel? Can Duff and Binney be trusted? I am inclined to believe them, as I too have reached the same conclusion. I’ve tossed our sightings around in my head for two years now, and Occam and I can reach no other conclusion. Our government, as well as others, must possess technology which could change our world so much for the better. Allow us to do away with our dependence on petroleum. Open our minds to the cosmos. And so on. Unfortunately, until the military/industrial establishment can make the big bucks on our usage of these new technologies, they will remain underground.

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