Disappearing Documents Force Questions

The famous Bentwaters Case in England is one of the most publicized and investigated ufo cases in history. The incident went over multiple nights with multiple witnesses, one of whom touched the craft. These witnesses were military guards at a base storing nuclear weapons. These were not some fly by night publicity hounds. The deputy base commander, Charles Halt, also witnessed this incident. Others witnessed these craft shining beams into the bunkers where the nukes were stored. So, since this is often called Britain’s Roswell, how did the Ministry of Defense, “lose” all the documents associated with this most famous case? Nick Pope, who used to run the ufo desk at the M.O.D., has stated he is not surprised by this loss of paperwork. As he says he has witnessed such a thing time and again in government service. Still, wouldn’t such a famous case receive special treatment? Perhaps not if the government regards this as just another weird thing they cannot explain, but there is also the suspicion that those papers are resting in some top secret file, not among those released by the M.O.D.


Interestingly enough, those same type documents that were requested from the Roswell base in 1947, happened to burn up in a fire! Convenient perhaps? With the government and military struggling to contain and explain this incident, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume there might have been some files in Washington D.C. or one of the air bases these pieces of wreckage were flown to, and where ad hoc press conferences were held? Are there no memos that were circulated on this subject. Sometimes I think the Freedom of Information Act should be renamed to the Freedom to Restrict Information Act. These are the two biggest and most publicized cases in each country. And the Australians have also claimed their government documents regarding their most famous case have been “lost” as well. Seems to be a trend, these days. How much longer will we be expected to swallow these lame excuses not to produce the requested documents? A famous example of this government obfuscation is when Stanton Freidman requested documents and got them back with almost the entire thing blacked out. When he held them up on television, it looked rather bad for the government. So the next time he got them, they were redacted with white out, which does not show on TV. These games are getting old.


Since the government began using disinformation campaigns to discredit ufo witnesses, and the invention of youtube and the internet, it is almost impossible to tell what is real and what is hoaxed. And this government has spread so much disinformation so well, that even husbands fear telling their wives of an encounter, for fear of her ridicule! This idea of every ufo being driven by little green men who want to eat us for dinner, is simply ludicrous. It is planted by a government more concerned with keeping secrets and controlling the population, than doing the job for which they were elected or appointed, namely serving the people. They have forgotten that, and as evidence they have classified as secret, millions of documents every year. Who needs so many secrets from those who are supposedly in charge? And do you suppose any of those documents get mysteriously lost or burnt up in a fire? Only if they might have contained evidence of interstellar travel, might they have gone up in smoke. And a smoke screen is what we have witnessed for the last seventy years at least. Our government knows much more than they are telling on this subject, and they will continue to keep their secrets as long as we, the people who put them in their jobs, allow them to deceive us.


How about a reality television show based on numerous requests for information through this act, and the follow up to find out why so much of these documents are redacted? And why some documents that are known to exist, are not “found”? Perhaps a bulldog of an investigative reporter might get to the bottom of some of these questions, if the power of television were involved. Those cameras seem to scare the bureaucrats a little, and perhaps that might bring forth something. But I fear the only way we’ll see those secrets is if we make the penalty for disclosure loss of face, which is what both bureaucrats and politicians fear most. Desperate acts call for desperate measures. And with the millions who have reported seeing a ufo, and the majority of Americans believing ufos exist according to Gallup polling, how can the government continue to deny these exist? It just flies in the face of logic, but then when was government ever logical? I think it probable we’ll never get satisfactory disclosure from this government. It is just not engineered for honesty to the people it serves.

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