TO: ET FROM: R.W. Sanders

To Whom or What it may concern:

Billions of us believe you exist. Millions of us believe you are visiting Earth. Many, many of those have seen you. Many have even been inside your crafts. Don’t you think it is time to drop the facade?

We don’t blame our governments for trying to keep your presence a secret. We believe they have simply taken a prudent action in the face of your undoubted ability to intimidate even our nuclear weapons. How else could they react? But what we simply do not understand, in the face of all this eye witness testimony, is why you are so reluctant to show yourselves? Are you afraid of us?


Why be afraid when we are vulnerable in so many ways? You could destroy us quite easily, I presume. Perhaps you could use some kind of death star to just disintegrate the planet? It does seem a wasteful effort, though. Why not just unleash some kind of plague which would wipe out the people, but leave a serviceable planet for your future use? Of course, you may wish to keep a small population of humans for slave labor, or even possibly food. But good advice would be to only keep those of rather low intelligence. Humans have a way of adapting to almost anything, and it seems our brains will function in almost any way necessary. So this population will be high maintenance and probably not cost effective. They will tend to learn and evolve requiring constant upkeep.

And of course, there is the human spirit which seems undefeatable. We just keep turning up like a bad penny. We’ve almost been wiped out numerous times by numerous disasters. The Black Plague, Spanish Fever, World Wars, nuclear weapons, nuclear plant disasters, you name it, really. We are very good at destroying ourselves, but just as the yin and yang requires, we are also very good at bouncing back. In fact, we are not alone in this ability, as life forms in general seem very good at these same skills. And that leads us to a better solution.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just all get along? How many times have you heard that old adage? Well, it just doesn’t happen. We fight constantly, we irritate each other in numerous ways, and one needs only look at out divorce rate to see we are extremely difficult. So it is understandable if you wonder why we would think we could live with you, when we cannot even live with ourselves. But, you cannot deny one very important thing. We are interesting! What would life be without conflict? Again, yin and yang says opposites must exist. If we want to experience ecstasy, we must get depressed in order to appreciate the happiness fully. Simple, really.

Do you guys think you might enjoy such an existence? It is certainly not boring. If so, we’d surely invite you to come along on this big blue rock. You might even make some very important social contributions in order to improve our ability to get along. But don’t get carried away and destroy our ability to find happiness in the variety of life.


We realize that in this weird game we are playing, it is your move. We are challenging you to show yourselves and make your purposes known. Right now, we are not sure who you are, or even if there are several extraterrestrial entities visiting. Like us, you seem both good and evil. But until you make yourselves known, we are in the dark and that is not good for either party.

You really need some new public relations. Your image is badly tarnished by the abductions and so forth. On Earth, abducting people will land you in prison. It is very bad behavior. You should change that by something as simple as asking permission. Many people gladly submit to clinical trials of new medicines and so forth, why not volunteer to donate to alien research? No doubt, many would. And this secrecy just makes you look timid and slinky. Like a cockroach running from the light. Not a pretty picture. This whole secrecy thing is really bad for the image. And let’s face it, your cover is blown!


When we celebrate Halloween and a child covered in a sheet comes to the door, we know it is not a ghost. We also know you are not a flock of birds, swamp gas or an insect flying too close to the camera. Sure, you can always fool a segment of us, but there are enough who make enough noise to compensate. So, if you are logical beings, isn’t it time to give up the charade? I, R.W. Sanders, will personally volunteer to allow you to see me if you will reciprocate. Together, we will march up to the steps of the U.S. Capitol and maybe even get Jay Leno or someone to introduce us! Just think, when Barak Obama was sworn into the presidency there, hundreds of thousands were in attendance. How many would turn out for you guys? It boggles the mind. Hell, we could do a world wide tour!

But all that is possible only if you will quit being so cowardly. It really is hard to understand, if your technology is such that you can travel the stars, why you’d be scared of puny humanity. Is it our spirit that scares you? If so, that spirit is also very forgiving. Don’t be afraid! Come on out into the light and enjoy the benefits gained. Perhaps you’ll finally be able to get out of those ships to stretch your legs, or whatever.


R.W. Sanders


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