This is part of an interview of a third witness who recalls some of what happened at Dillon Lake in Colorado in 1975. There are four witnesses out of six who recall the UFO activity, and three of us validate some of each others accounts…enough to convince us that what we recall  is true and accurate. This is Karen, our youngest daughter, who recalls a part of an out-of-body experience that she, her brother and I shared. I can validate most of what she has said. Because we both recall floating out over the water, indicating we indeed were out-of-body, this solidly supports the idea that there is indeed a “spiritual body” that most likely survives after we die. Karen and I recalling the voice speaking to us while we were out-of-body indicates there is indeed other, what we would call, “spiritual entities” on the “other side.” My narration of the 1975 family Dillon Lake UFO encounter is in Chapter Six of the book Eminent Discovery, which you can find at the bottom of this home page.
“Let’s see.  What I remember is – my first fleeting thought was a vision of dad’s face, with a pail light shining on his face, standing by the side of the lake.  And I remember seeing his face.  And I remember him telling us, me and my brother, that everything was OK, and not to be worried.  And that’s all I remembered for a while.  And I also use to dream about the campsite that we were at that time – on that particular trip to Dillon Lake.  I use to dream about that campsite all the time.  And I remembered feeling really sad, when we left there, that next morning.  I remembered sitting there thinking I really hated to leave.  And I had sort of a really melancholy feeling when we left.  And I always remembered that.  But, I really hadn’t thought much about it until later.
And once I started really trying to recall what really went on, I remembered seeing some shapes out in the water.  Ah.  All I could see was, like, the dark area – no detail I don’t remember.  But I remember two shapes. One of them was kind of flat and long.  And I do remember seeing something that looked like headlights on the flat long shape.  And I remember seeing a tall rectangular type shape.  And I remember yelling at my sister to come down and hurry to see what was going on out here, or else she was going to miss it.
And I can’t remember exactly what we were seeing.  But then, mom called for supper and we all decided that we had better go.  I don’t remember exactly what happened.  I remember bits and pieces.  I remember my brother and I being out over the water, and I remember us laughing.  It was a free-fall feeling.  And I remember looking down at the water and I remember the feeling of turning somersaults.  You know, airless.  And we were having a really good time, my brother and I. And I remember a voice telling us we had to come back.  And I remember, maybe like three times in a row, this voice telling us we had to come back.  As far as down on the water, that’s about all I remember. 

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