Absense of Understanding

It would seem that the UFO community of researchers, novelists, and the curious still have the same questions today that they did decades ago. These are; Where do they come from? Why are they here? Are they demons or extraterrestrial? Is the human civilization a product of an alien civilization? The community literally has not made any real advancements in the field of UFOlogy since it’s conception, in the late 1940s.

The main reason behind our lack of achieving any breakthroughs in this field is due to our overall absence of understanding the idea of beings from other worlds as well as our inability to rid ourselves of religious beliefs. A proverbial brick wall has been erected between being able to understand ourselves and accepting true spiritual realization of the universe, which is an absolute requirement in realistically researching UFOs and extraterrestrials.

As modern as we humans believe we are, beings from both other planets and or dimensions are advanced beyond our wildest imagination. The fact that we are being visited, more than likely by several intergalactic and multidimensional entities, in itself proves their superiority both in knowledge, technology, spirituality and realization of their true being.

Sure, there are some who are more of a physical being than others and they rely on mechanical technology as we do. There may also be those who are so advanced in their evolution, they would seem like Gods to us. The bottom line is we humans seem to them, as mere apes would appear to us.

If we are to ever fully understand the visitors, we must evolve beyond our present refusal to accept the idea that the human civilization simply is not favored by any God, Christian or otherwise. We are not a special species of beings held above all else, as favored by a God.

The probable fact is the human civilization is a product of an ancient alien civilization, who roots date back into the billions of years, spanning over trillions of light years. Thus, our creators are Gods in our eyes.

Human civilization has spent countless dollars on useless devices and equipment such as that of S.E.T.I. in searching for extraterrestrial communications from the stars. S.E.T.I. has been using and looking for radio waves and other conventional means of communication in locating sources of intelligence and has accomplished nothing. The reasons is simple:  the fact that any conventional means of communication will not escape our Solar System because of the turbulence at its edge, none will enter either.
Using light as a form of contact seems on the surface like a better method but this would be a useless tool as well, because of the time involved in getting to a probable planet.

All of our ideas of communication come from our current abilities in technology and will go unnoticed or be ignored by a highly advanced civilization. The important thing to remember is until we are advanced enough to have either the technology or spiritual knowledge to contact them? Anything we send out into space will go unanswered.

There is no way a race of superior beings either from another galaxy or dimension will make contact with us as long as we display our animalistic ways of waging wars on ourselves and distrust of our fellow human beings.

The only contact made with extraterrestrials is on a personal level when we are in a twilight state before sleep. This affords them the luxury of making contact and finding out as much as possible about us and downloading knowledge into our minds without the circus of making a physical appearance. Any superior intelligence will not physically appear to a civilization that is divided among themselves by countries as we are.

The very idea that religious symbols and or shouts of a divinity will automatically end an abduction is absurd and comes from small minds. We only are allowed to believe the abduction or series of experiences have stopped but nothing could be further from the truth as they continue on at a very deep subconscious level, completely unnoticed by the human subject.

Extraterrestrials and or inter-dimensional beings appear as different things to different people. Many who are religious will either experience Angelic or Demonic images during contact, while others may see the almond eyed alien entity or an insect like being. This is due to the personal belief system of the individual. If you believe in Fairys’ or Leprechauns, these images will be what you will see during an experience.

There are those people who either have advanced from long years of contact experiences or have open minds free of the clutter of a preordained belief system that even have contact during the day while preforming daily tasks of living. These experiences only last a few millionth of a segment of our time and may take quite a while to perform in their dimension, but since time has no meaning to them they are able to preform procedures with no perceivable time lost by the subject.

Human civilization is being visited and has been for centuries. Only since the detonation of the first atomic bomb has there been a drastic increase in their presence. This is because we are a barbaric society always on the brink of self-destruction and must be constantly monitored for technology that may take us to them. Such a development would cause the visitors to take action in making sure we didn’t.

Listening to some in our field of UFOlogy reminds me of the Salem Witch Hunts, where mere dolts singled out people of their choice for killing because of their difference in belief and ideals.

Not until we rid ourselves of believing in religious dogmatic texts, which are designed to control us through fear will we be ready for contact with beings who are very spiritual both in knowledge, attributes and existence.

As I have stated many times, ‘ one simply cannot be both religious and spiritual’. If you are religious, you follow a doctrine of rules by text. If you are spiritual, you have achieved this through many realizations. One must choose one or the other.

On the other side of the coin, there are those who choose to fabricate stories for their own monetary gain and present fictional material to the public, which further regresses the ultimate goal of finding the truth about our visitors. It is these individuals who slow any progress that could be made by having researchers study useless information and images, when they could be putting their time on real unexplained events.

We true UFOlogists need to recognize those who simply do not want to find the truth because it goes against their organized religious belief core, and those who have only their own financial interests in mind and present fictional material, presenting fantastic claims.

The New Age Gurus who claim to find energy for themselves with inanimate objects and other ridiculous claims are also roadblocks to finding the truth, as the Almighty Dollar is their only Diety of respect.

We must begin to realize our potential as spiritual beings only then, will we have evolutionized to the point of accepting the enlightenment necessary for truth.


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