Humans Mere Apes In the Wild

 By Tony Elliot


Everyone wonders the intentions of the visitors who are seen in the sky in their UFOs, who visit us individually in the form of spiritual like experiences, leave messages both in ancient scripts and modern crop circles, and bold experiences some have while in fully and semi  conscious states such as Aura Visions. Near Death Experiences and Sleep Apnea. Yet they have made no attempt to make a physical appearance to communicate their reasons and intentions for their constant surveillance of our planet in general and subliminal contact on human subjects individually in particular. 

Because of this and personal experiences many have individually, some which seem unpleasant, tend to label the visitors as evil entities having less than our best interests in mind. This however, is the biggest mistake one could make and comes from our own humanistic primal fears, which automatically taints anything we do not understand as being evil. It’s the same premise used in all science fiction movies ever made involving extraterrestrials and a physical visit to our planet by a race from outside Earth. It is also this same fear of the unknown that has caused the deaths of millions of people in history, on our own planet. 

In the case with ETs, the fact is they are further advanced in every aspect of being than we humans, it would be almost impossible for us to comprehend at our present level of intelligence. 

The visitors to our planet come from numerous civilizations of various stages of evolution in intelligence, physical attributes, consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Some appear physical and may be only a few hundred years ahead of us in technology and scientific advancement. While others, are so far advanced that they no longer have the need to use any physical means of transportation or communication and can come and go effortlessly anywhere they want and communicate with any entity they desire at any given time in spirit form. Of course, there are also those civilizations in the wide scope between these two types, which conduct their existence according to their evolutionary intelligence level. 

With this in mind, it is clear why no physical contact has been made with our civilization from any intelligence from the cosmos. We humans are still in the beginning stages of existence in the arena of intelligence, science and technology, consciousness and spiritual growth. 

On surveying our planet, ultra civilizations from beyond see us as a very divided civilization. Not only in terms of having national boundaries, but also in things only a species of lesser intellectual advancement would display such as economics, race, religious bias, and differences among various concerns, such as the environment vs. those benefiting monetarily from harming it. We consider this diversity, and welcome the concept of difference among our civilization. However, a species of being who has overcome such behavior we humans have and concentrates only on the greater benefit of the whole of their civilization. They would consider such a race as ours as one, which can not be contacted directly in a physical form because we haven’t revolutionized to the point where we could deal with such an event. Human civilization still clings to greed, secularism, and malcontent among itself and remains off-limits for contact from those who have overcome such traits of lesser intellect. 

What they would do, is influence us by personal contact rather than appearing to the masses in physical form. This type of communication assures them of our realization of a higher species, existing in the cosmos other than our own and of implanted knowledge later to be realized regarding our own survival and of our place in the universe. This type of subliminal subconscious implanting knowledge assures them that one day, the human species will awaken to a new dawn of realization of our place in the universe and of the responsibilities that come with it. It isn’t just about the acquiring of knowledge but the realization of the responsibilities, which come with having it. 

Physical contact at this time, only invites hostility and misunderstanding from a civilization as bestial as ours. 

Until the time comes, for the human race to be ready to accept the reality of a universal neighborhood, where we can shed our primordial animalistic idealization of believing in deities based on dogmatic texts without fact, the visits will be carried out in a subliminal procedure. 

We humans are but apes in the wild existing in our own biosphere here on this planet.  


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