New World Order Agenda Responsible For Gulf Oil Disaster

So, after all the previous attempts to cap off or control the gusher in the Gulf of Mexico BP finally thinks they have installed a cap which will work. Why after all this time are we the public supposed to believe this latest attempt is working? Anyone with an IQ above moron knows that oil companies such as BP have engineers working on various contingency plans of stopping oil gushers, well before the well is dug. The Gulf of Mexico well explosion and subsequent free flowing crude oil from the severed pipe is no exception. Plans for containment in a similar scenario were surely studied and planned out long before the actual disaster happened.

This line of thinking would suggest that the powers involved knew ahead of time just how to stop the leak and simply let it go on for as long as it did because they wanted it to. But what is to be gained from such a criminal act? Well, one has to examine the whole picture both from the stand point of what would be gained for BP and perhaps the Federal Government. From the oil company’s view they stand to gain from being permitted to drill for oil in countries previously off limits to them such as Libya. Such an endeavor was signed during the Gulf Disaster in which BP plans to drill off the coast of Libya soon.

Cheaper for them and more profitable since the costs would be a fraction of that here in the U.S. The U.S. Federal Government also gets what they wanted in the form of perhaps swaying the American public into finally accepting Climate Change/Cap and Trade bill. The Feds have allowed the ruinization the environment of the entire U.S. Gulf of Mexico coast in an elaborate show for those people who disagree with Climate Change/Cap and Trade. This BP disaster was allowed to go on for as long as it did to allow the greatest environmental disaster in history as an example to the American people for the need to get away from energy produced from crude oil.

The whole Gulf disaster was a scheme concocted by the U.S. Federal Government with the help of BP whom now is allowed to drill where ever they want to. The Federal Government is again hard at work deceiving the American public who they take as a bunch of buffoons, who are distracted by life and idiotic enough to believe in such a farce. Again, the people are being deceived into accepting the New World Order in the form of Climate Change/Cap and Trade which would drastically limit all domestic industry and make the U.S. much more reliant on foreign products and goods. As the first Persian Gulf War was the introduction of the NWO in gathering countries together for a common cause. 9-11 was their excuse for drastically limiting the personal freedoms here in the U.S. of all citizens and getting them used to being scrutinized and being spied on in the guise of a common cause.

The latest Gulf of Mexico oil disaster is but a piece to the NWO puzzle, needed to internationalize the U.S. into accepting being part of a world community necessary for our survival. All the press, stories, movies and so called scientific proof of Global Warming presented to the U.S. over the past couple of decades hasn’t made a dent in persuading the American public that we are threatened as a species from this great monster known as Human Caused Climate Change. Most of the public simply were not impressed with all the graphs and computer generated models showing climate change. The proof was necessary for a change of heart by the American public to get them on board. However, since no actual proof could be presented to the people and the lies concerning so called scientific findings showing only computer manipulated data.

This data is directly manifested by the politically motivated scientists promoting Global Warming were easily seen as lies and manipulation on the part of those involved. While trying to get us to believe such nonsense a disaster involving petroleum had to be presented, and the Gulf oil disaster happens to be it. It’s amazing the lengths those involved with the idea of a NWO will go to in order to get the public to agree with their agenda. The oil gusher is presented to us simply as an example to persuade the public that getting away from the use of crude oil is necessary for the survival of not only humans, but all species. We see the evidence every day in the fact that the press isn’t allowed near the area and the presence of the military in the Gulf States. The military helps to control what the public sees and hears about what’s going on is but another item of proof that we are being lied to concerning the facts surrounding the initial well explosion and the subsequent damage leading to the leak itself.

The Federal Government is also using the excuse of further investigations into the safety of such well operations in deep water to bring the already lousy economy of the U.S. southern states down to near Economic Depression status. By degrading the economy of this area the people would be more open to accepting new ideas and promises for a better economy through Green Technology from the Federal Government and the President. I’m sure most Americans would prefer to have an alternate source of energy from that of crude oil, but the fact is none exists that could replace the energy produced from crude oil. What we have here is a blatant manipulation of the American public by the Federal Government and those who it uses as tools such as scientists, who promote the farce of Global Warming to get the common citizen to conform to their sinister plan of complete control over the masses. It has gotten to the point that no longer can we just read the news paper, listen to the news or watch news broadcasts and simply believe in what we are told.

The public must dissect stories and examine the content and people involved with an issue to be sure what they hear and read is truly the Gospel Truth rather than a smoke screen devised to distract and manipulate them. We are living in a time in history where changes are coming and not for the greater good. We as freedom loving Americans and patriots must constantly be on guard for deception from our own Government. The United States of America is being invaded from forces from within and we must do all we can as Patriots of the Constitution to stop them.

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