The Deceptive Smoke and Mirrors With UFO Research

The most disturbing thing facing UFOlogy and related research is those who are in it for reasons other than finding the truth. Such individuals spread fear, distrust and deception among those sincerely interested in knowing more about the UFO/extraterrestrial   and put up unnecessary roadblocks which regress any breakthroughs that might have been realized.

The notion that these people spread linking extraterrestrials to demons and evil entities is nothing more than rubbish in its purest form and needs to be recognized for being just that by both veteran UFOlogists and newbies with inquiring minds. 

The ones who suffer the most from this deception are those new readers who rely on getting a fair and balanced assessment of who, what, where of the intentions of the civilizations who are visiting our planet. The U.F.O. community should be a place where people can come and find others with similar experiences, those who offer theories based on their own experiences, images offering food for thought, whatever scientific evidence of any kind that may be available, and research findings. 

What isn’t needed is misleading information promoting fear and distrust of our visitors from those who claim to have all the answers and actually offer help to those who may have had a bad ET experience and want to find the truth. 

In today’s U.F.O. and paranormal genre we seem to have more and more individuals who are making fantastic claims such as knowing the ETs have an evil agenda, linking them with demons and evil entities and above all offering help to those effected with experiences which frightened them. These individuals will use a bad experience by a contactee then assess the experience as one which involves evil extraterrestrials, proceed to paint them as demonic and only out to either harm, influence their minds in devious ways, and or use them in some weird deviant sexual way, then proceed to offer help in combating the influence of the ETs. 

Lets get one simple fact straight. The human civilization is being visited by a variety of different civilizations. Some are so far advanced from our human intellect that they no longer have a physical form and get from point A to B simply by thought and spirit. Others are just a few thousand years ahead of our civilization in intellect and technology and still have a physical form. Of course there are those civilizations belonging to all aspects of evolution both physically and mentally existing in between.

The one aspect that all these civilizations share is their mental and spiritual superiority over the human race. This is evident in the fact that they can visit us at any given time while we humans have yet to reach the point of getting to the moon comfortably. Such advanced civilizations have long since discarded the animalistic  urges of sex and bestial needs such as greed, prejudice, and status. Thus to believe any visiting civilization has ulterior motives in this arena comes from minds not yet ready for acceptance of the existence of any race beyond our own planet. 

To be pompous and arrogant enough to claim to know how to help people having had bad experiences and be able to cure them is absurd to say the least and comes from corrupted human minds. This would be similar to a gorilla being able to thwart any human intrusion into its life by scientists. 

As I have stated before in many articles, we humans simply do not have the capacity to control in any way the experiences we have with any extraterrestrial civilization. We only believe we do because we are allowed to believe so by the visitors themselves. We are only allowed to think so because we have no memory of the experience but rest assured they go on undisturbed. Think about it, a civilization at our present level of intelligence isn’t capable of controlling anything initiated by beings who harbor the intelligence level as the visitors surely do. To believe otherwise is obtuse at best.   

Such an advanced civilization as the visitors surely are can counter any obstacle we may think we have placed on the abduction experience. 

The sexual experiences reported by some originate within the mind of the contactee and not from the actual ET event. Many have hidden trauma embedded within their subconscious in one form or another. Some have sexual trauma buried deep within the corridors of their minds from childhood while others harbor fright from a traumatizing event in their lives which remains buried until contact is made. The bottom line is when an ET experience is initiated the greatest fears of the subject’s inner mind will come out. The ETs want their subjects to face the fears which stifle their spiritual progress.

The same exists with human psychobiology, one must face the buried fears before they can progress to a normal life. Thus to gain any higher knowledge one must rid themselves of their buried humanistic fears before they can realize their own spiritual being. Fear breeds procrastination which always leads to inaction that accomplishes nothing. 

Not only do legitimate UFO researchers and truth seekers have the monumental task of sorting through information in seeking the truth but also the obstacle of those who use distortion and deception for their own selfish reasons through fear. 

In my opinion anyone promoting fear of the visitors and or offering help for bad experiences are nothing more than Snake Oil salesman and should be treated as outright liars and manipulators.   





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