Human Beings the TRUE Extraterrestrial Reptilian Race

A few inquiries have come to me of late regarding my theories of human evolution as outlined in past articles here at U.F.O. Digest. ‘Atlantis and its Repercussions for Us’ and ‘Our Extraterrestrial Roots’ are the two articles specifically mentioned by readers that wrote to me with their questions.

In these and other articles and in my book Aura Visions I explain my theory of an exodus from the planet Mars to the next habitable planet which was Earth. This interplanetary migration took place because of catastrophic events that destroyed the habitable surface of Mars.

‘Atlantis and its Repercussions for Us’ (Answers to Some Reader’s recent questions)

The event responsible for the almost total removal of the Martian atmosphere was more than likely the result of Mars’ next neighboring planet literally exploding and forcing the Martian atmosphere to disperse from the planet’s surface. This explosion and fragmentation of that planet is responsible for the many craters seen on Mars, its moons and our moon as the surface of these spheres were literally rained upon with debris from this explosion. The resulting change in the magnetism of the solar system from this blast and removal of a planet situated in a single area was solely responsible for the Earth’s axis shift and resulted in an immediate climatical change here on this planet which led to the eventual extinction of the dinosaurs.

In those days the Earth’s landmass was quite unlike that of our present day continent’s arrangement mostly because the poles were in different areas than they are presently. The polar areas were located mostly over water leaving more landmass than we have today and more importantly exposing the present day continent of Antarctica in the planet’s tropical zone.

To the Martian civilization the continent of Antarctica was a perfect place to relocate due to its separation from other larger continents that held hostile creatures such as the dinosaur. Once securing the safety of their continent surrounded by water the likelihood of the Earth’s dinosaur population returning was nil.
The ultramodern Martian civilization that chose this continent to relocate and continue their society was indeed the civilization of the fabled continent of Atlantis.

In those days much was done genetically to the Martian people to provide better adaption to the Earth’s environment. Some of this included the introduction and integration of genetic materials such as DNA and RNA of both the Martians and that of the dinosaurs instantly transforming them into beings favoring the Earth’s environment. To the Martian civilization this procedure was as simple as a present day vaccination and the results were immediate.

This ancient Martian civilization is the nucleus of modern human civilization that exists today. Thus, we are the Atlantians born out of a single extraterrestrial civilization. The result of this single race of beings are now fictionalized by color and language as these beings were forced to eventually migrate to many differing climates in many areas of the world. With Atlantis now located directly in the Earth’s South Pole the remainder of its citizens were forced to migrate onward into the wilderness of the planet’s habitable land.

Over the course of many eons of time races were developed in accordance to the climate of a certain area. The warmer the climate the darker the skin and all the physical changes in between according to temperatures, precipitation, elevation and overall environmental influences.

The Atlantians were a single race civilization in the beginning and will be again as our modern civilization will eliminate races by modern travel, relocation and interbreeding.

The Martian Civilization was a bronze colored people as we will be in the next century.

‘Our Extraterrestrial Roots’ (Answers to some reader’s recent questions)

The planet Earth has a natural selection of species all related to the reptile family as can be seen evidenced physically in most species. For example birds of all types carry the reptilian signature as seen in their lower legs and the beak aside from their similar skeletal structure to that of many dinosaurs. All sea creatures having scales and those having a beak such as the octopus and squid also have this same signature. Only environmental evolutionary adaption has separated them into different species.

Insects and their ocean relatives such as the lobster, shrimp and crab for example can be traced to the reptile species as well having developed differently from that of other selections. This development is seen in Trilobites who carried the distinctive characteristics of the reptile family.

Mammals have their reptilian signatures as well and this fact can be seen in the similarities of the internal organs. Vestigial (Useless) organs such as the appendix in the human being are remnants of a once vital organ necessary to the species from which we came. This organ in particular having been a ventriculus organ designed to help in digesting materials and grinding them up with the aid of ingested stones. This organ is commonly seen today in foul as the gizzard which functions in the same manner as that of our ancestors. This Theory answers some puzzling similarities that reptiles and humans still share.

Since the Martian civilization introduced the Earth bound Genes of reptiles into their species for adaption here on this planet all those Millennia ago, we human beings essentially have reptilian roots embedded into our DNA thus, it is we humans who are the true reptilian civilization.

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