Race From Ideology

In researching human origins and finding race to be a product of the environment over a long period of time on a single originating nucleus of people rather than chronological physical differences from hundreds of tribes and races of humans sprouting up in many areas of the world. It makes no sense for many ideas of race we as a modern society have today in associating a particular type of people with birth origins of a certain country.
Sure we are classified in essence with modern and sometimes not so modern political boundaries such as Russian, Chinese or Nigerian for example but the truth of the matter is race is determined by color, some physical differences and dialect. Thus race is a product of many vast areas of the world over periods of thousands of years.

Most races pride themselves in association with a particular continent such as Africa while most accept their labels of race in conjunction with their politically bounded nations such as being Swedish if you were born there.

Nothing could be further from the truth to label a certain group of people a particular race because of their birth place.

Most races in existence today can trace their roots back to the beginning which leads them to certain areas of the world rather than within a politically motivated boundary such as a country.

Some groups or tribes of people have been given racial titles through their religion rather than ethnicity. The Jewish race happens to be one of them followed closely by those who refer to themselves as Mormon.

Scientific geological proof of races is found for most all other races excluding these two. The only account of the Jewish people being a particular race of people from a certain country of nucleus is that in religious texts. The same goes for the Mormons which weren’t even in existence until the 1800’s when their religion was introduced. Thus in reality the Jewish race per say, is nothing more than a product of a particular group of people following a certain religion. Physical differences as seen in individuals considering themselves Jewish can be traced back to the occupation of the entire Middle East and Mediterranean by the Romans who were Caucasian and chose a group of people from the occupied area to be slaves. Over the course of the Roman occupation this group of slaves chosen from the area now known as Israel and Lebanon were interbred with the Caucasian Romans to the point where this tribe now resembled that of Rome. Thus through the Roman occupation of the Middle East a people from the area became racially different from that of their surrounding Arab race.

The fact that they were slaves to the Romans for so long gave birth to Christianity in an attempt to break free of the bonds of slavery and be known as a chosen people by a selected Godhead of their own making.

This accounts for the fact that Jewish people simply do not belong in this area of the world both as a race and by their religion.

The land of Israel only exists in religious text not by scientific proof.

The Hebrew language very closely resembles that of their surrounding Arab neighbors. Thus through a religion and hundreds of years of interbreeding with the Roman occupiers a new race of people were introduced and through their quest for substantially by forming a new religion labeling them as chosen they became outcasts in their own home land.
This self concocted religion which freed them from the bonds of Roman slavery has also been a curse since no area of the world will greet them as a legitimate race of people from a credible country.

The problems the Jewish people have today and have gone through since their beginning with anti Semitic feelings from that of the people of a certain area where they are and were, are products of their self imposed greatness as a chosen people of their religion.

What happened to millions of people calling themselves Jewish during Hitler’s reign in Germany is a prime example of what may come out of a situation where a country is led by a madman considering his race as pure and above all others and large numbers of people considering themselves as chosen by God only by religious text will bring.

The country of Israel will never be recognized as a legitimate state by all countries of the world since the Jewish people have in essence no legitimate birth place.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but the Jewish people have their own religious beliefs to blame.
Most races have a particular place which is their legitimate homeland as proven by scientific and archeological finds in a particular area but as a race the Jewish people have no point of origin.

In reality the millions of people considering themselves as Jewish around the world not by religious conversion but by blood are actually a mixture of the Arab races and from the general area of Italy.

Thus we have a group of people who have allowed a religion to separate them from the rest of the world by covering their actual roots of origin as Arabs.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints is but a lousy example of a group of people using religion to justify ideals of self worth and delusions of grandeur.

As with people considering themselves Jewish who are in reality a mix of Arab and Italian, Mormons are but Caucasian Americans using a religious belief system from self implemented Dogmatic texts as a way to put themselves above all else in the eyes of their own created Godhead thus creating race from ideology rather than blood.

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