There may be more to the common house cat species than realized and secret mysticism has followed this species of house-pet for all of its days. Cats of all domesticated breeds have abilities far beyond those of other animals both wild and otherwise.

Most any cat can survive on its own without the aid of humans and in virtually any environment from deserts, forests to humid tropical areas and large urban areas as well. In almost any situation the cat will survive by finding food, water and shelter when other animals including humans would parish if put in the same situation. It is an almost mystical ability they have in acquiring what they have to when necessary.

The cat also has extrasensory perception in most instances with abilities to realize dangers ahead of time so as to avoid them or protect themselves as efficiently as possible. Some of this ability is attributed to their keen senses such as smell and hearing, but a good portion of the time it is their ability to seemingly read the minds of other animals and humans. Thus, being so in tune with nature and the universal intelligence which some would refer to as God that they realize things ahead of their happening.

The cat is the only animal in the world which can survive almost anywhere.

Of course there are exceptions to this ability and in most cases it would be attributed to the individual cat which became so domesticated and unconcerned with its natural and or mystical abilities that these cosmic attributes are not realized by the animal at all.

Cats seem to go back as far as the human species with more discoveries made all the time of finding bones of domesticated cats buried with their human counterparts dated thousands of years even before the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, which heralded cats as gifts from the gods. Thus far, such finds have been made in Central and South America indicating the cat was a part of the Mayan and Inca civilizations.

One of the many times in history when the cat was thought of as evil and associated with demons and the Devil was during the time of the Christian Crusades. In this dark part of human history from 1095 to 1600 cats and anyone associated with them were burned at the stake. In a strange quirk of fate, possibly divine retribution, in all cases of massive cat killings various forms of Plague soon followed because on exploding rat populations.

It is very interesting that the Christians of this period would think the cat was so much a threat to their dogmatic way of life since at the same time whole civilizations were being eradicated such as the Mayan and Inca empires on the basis of being threats to their fanatic religious points of view. This leads one to ponder the possibilities of the cat being an extraterrestrial who accompanied those who relocated here from Mars to begin the new civilization of Atlantis.

Since this Martian civilization relocated to what now is the continent of Antarctica in a time when Antarctica was tropical and subsequently had to evacuate many years later when the Earth went through an axis shift, spreading their population among the far reaches of the planet but mainly making their way onto the South American Continent because of its close proximity. This scattering of Atlantians is the reason we see the monuments such as pyramids in Egypt as well as Central and South American Countries. They were built by the members of the same civilization separated only by great distances but holding on to their core beliefs thus leaving similar monuments in more than one area.

Today, we see evidence of their civilization on the planet Mars in the form of pyramids providing us with evidence linking humanity with a single Martian colony.

The evidence of the cat in Central and South America during the time of the Mayan and Inca empires was more than likely destroyed by invading Christians. When these invading Christians saw these cat statues and ancient scripts mentioning the cat among civilizations who were spiritual in nature and in tune with the great mind, rather than religious ideals adhering to dogmatic doctrines created by humans? they indeed felt a fear of loosing Christianity’s hold on great portions of the world’s population especially back home in Europe if the truth were known about the cat. Valuable artifacts proving the importance of the cat were destroyed along with those who believed in it. Even in today’s society the common cat remains a symbol of anti religious virtue and fear in the form of superstitious nonsense.

The cat is indeed an animal in tune with nature and the Great Mind and even with domestication it has not lost its symbol of mysticism in all the years since the days of Atlantis.

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