The Sinister Global Warming/Climate Change Plot

 By Tony Elliott

The latest propaganda from the Global Warming/Climate Change Fascists is an article titled ” Mummified Forest Provides Climate Change Clues ” where research scientist Joe Barker of Ohio State University discovered an ancient forest of various types of trees on Ellesmere Island, Canada in 2009. 

Armed with a research grant, Barker returned this past summer to explore the site, which was buried by an avalanche 2 million to 8 million years ago. Melting snow recently exposed the preserved remains of tree trunks, leaves and needles.

About a dozen such frozen forests exist in the Canadian Arctic.

The forest existed during a time when the Arctic Climate shifted from being warmer than it is today to its current frigid state. Judging by the lack of diverse wood species and the trees’ small leaves, the team suspected that plants at the site struggled to survive the rapid change from deciduous forest to evergreen.

“This community was just hanging on,” said Barker, who presented his findings Thursday at the American Geophysical Unit meeting in San Francisco.

The next step is to examine tree rings to better understand how past climate conditions stressed plant life and how the Arctic tundra ecosystem will respond to global warming.

Since 1970, temperatures have climbed more than 4.5 degrees in much of the Arctic, much faster than the global average.

Barker also plans to conduct DNA tests on the remains.

On the surface it sounds credible but upon further examination there really isn’t anything unique about this find since many ancient forests have been discovered in Arctic regions of the world over the past hundred years. Even some tropical plant life has been found in some Polar regions of Russia over the past few decades.

What the ancient tree rings will show is the conversion from a more temperate climate when they thrived to that of a frigid Polar climate and nothing remotely to do with Global Warming. 

What this indicates is the Earth’s axis has changed since these forests thrived in these areas and at present they exist in a Polar region.

The article also sneaks in the claim that since 1970 the Arctic temperatures have risen more than 4.5 degrees. This statement is geared to make the reader believe in the pseudo science of Global Warming when in fact the truth is temperatures in the Earth’s Polar regions have either remained the same or have taken a dip since the mid 1900s. This is a climatic fact proven by temperature records existing at various world meteorological organizations. The claim of a 4.5 degree hike in Polar temperatures since 1970 is an assumption made through various computer models designed to show a preordained outcome not actual recorded temperatures taken since the 1970s. 

The Global Warming/Climate Change religionists are trying everything in the book to get the public to believe that it is really happening and threatens our survival as species to get their politically based agenda into law. When in fact Global Warming/Climate Change is nothing more than a religion which requires its followers to adhere to a dogmatic doctrine based on faith it is true and not actual fact proving it is.

The whole premise of Global Warming/Climate Change isn’t about the world’s climate at all but a more sinister political agenda for global control of the entire population of the world. Through enacted climate laws personal freedoms and individual civil liberties will become extinct and replaced with a standard of living where all are told how many miles a day we can drive, what we drive, how much energy we are allowed to use in a 24 hour period or risk getting cut off to stay within a specific range of allowed use per day, and be told what types of appliances we can use in our households. 

Inflation will reach critical mass with all products and services involving fossil fuel rising to more than quadruple levels in price because of state, federal and world taxes placed on these items. The prices of all so-called Green items and services will also rise along with the fossil fuel items because it takes fossil fuels to make such green items as wind turbines, and solar panels, not to mention the transportation necessary to get them from point A to B which uses petrol products.

The main threat cited by the Global Warming/Climate Change Fascists is overpopulation. Control of the amount of people allowed to live on the planet will also become law in less than 50 years in the form of a worldwide euthanasia program to rid the world of those who no longer contribute to society and are otherwise deemed parasites for needlessly using resources that are needed for those who do. No longer would be nursing homes, long-term care facilities or the need for government to pay retirement benefits such as Social Security because no one under a certain age limit would exist.


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