American People Now The Biggest Threat To Their Own Government

One would think that the US government could at least hire people who have some imagination when it comes to presenting actual False Flag events that are designed to sway the American public into approving more laws that are anti Constitutional. Their push to convince everyone that guns are bad and need to be taken out of the hands of most average citizens continues with the recent Santa Monica, California shooting spree.

This latest incident is literally boring in the sense that everything involved with it from the shooter, the scenario, to the victims exactly mirror those of the Aurora, Colorado Massacre, the Sandy Hook Shooting, and the Chris Dorner Shooting Rampage in LA.

With Aurora, Sandy Hook, and now Santa Monica, we have shooters dressed the part such as military garb and protective gear, each carrying semi automatic weapons and ammo. Same scenario, different actors and locations.

In the case of the Chris Dorner shootings, we have a supposed ex LA cop going on a shooting spree because he was disgruntled with the department and sought revenge. However, here we also have basically the same type of shooter who is heavily armed and dressed the part.

These 4 scenarios are directed to scaring the public into accepting strict gun control and to accept further degradation of the Constitution.

The Boston Marathon Bombings and the West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion were different theatrics designed for keeping the public afraid of international terrorism for the sake of having us accept more Socialistic laws in the guise of protection.

With each of these events we have proof of them being orchestrated rather than random happenings.

Starting with the Aurora Massacre, the biggest red flag indicating it was set up is the scene in the Dark Knight movie itself that shows a map with the words “Sandy Hook” written on it.

This scene in the movie gives the clue to the next False Flag which was the Sandy Hook Shootings. The makers of Dark Knight are more than likely not involved with these massacres, but the perpetrators used the scene itself to set up the next bloody display for the public at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

James Eagan Holmes was in such a drugged state when he was found sitting in his car after the shootings there was no way he could have carried out the massacre.

The Sandy Hook shooting itself was a story filled with so many holes that it was almost unbelievable for me to accept.

With Sandy Hook we have several discrepancies beginning with the remarkable resemblance of Laura and Nick Phelps and the Sextons. 

The Phelps;

The Sextons;

Another amazing carbon copy resemblance is that between James Eagan Holmes’s attorney and that of Jennifer Sexton and Laura Phelps.;_ylt=

Clearly this is the same woman in all three cases.

Dawn Hochsprung the Principal of Sandy Hook Elementary who was allegedly murdered during the Massacre sure gets around for a dead woman since she was seen at the Boston Marathon Bombing.;_ylt=A0PDoKw

An actual picture of her being interviewed at the Boston Marathon has since been removed from all search engines.

Emily Parker, supposed Sandy Hook victim and alleged daughter of Robbie Parker, the man who just couldn’t help laughing just before his press conference and the funeral was also alive and well at a photo op with President Obama days later.

Now we get into the most bizarre and unbelievable case of them all, the Chris Dorner shooting spree. Aside from a story that reeks with lies such as the mountain cabin where he supposedly was holed up. Here, we are supposed to believe that his body was burned beyond recognition in the cabin fire to the point that dental records were the only way authorities could ID him. Yet, his wallet containing his identification was reported as found entirely intact. Just as strange is the report that his wallet was found, along with his ID at San Ysidro border check point, weeks earlier.

Stranger yet, is the clone like resemblance of Chris Dorner to L.L. Cool J.

L.L. Cool J link;

Chris Dorner link;

The resemblance is not only striking but, has to be the same person. Thus, pictures we are told are that of Chris Dorner are actually pictures of L.L. Cool J.

Since any celebrity would be livid at having their pictures used as a murderer under another name. We must assume that L.L. Cool J is in on this conspiracy. It is the only explanation of why he doesn’t mind having his image used as Chris Dorner, the murderer.

L.L. had his chance to be briefed on this when he was invited to the Inaugural Ball after Obama’s reelection.  

The red flag above all else at the Boston Marathon is Jeff Bauman the man who supposedly had his legs blown off during the bombing. This man is another Crisis Actor who happened to be an amputee before the Boston Marathon Bombing.

There are many factors involved here that prove he did not get his legs blown off at the Marathon.

From a medical standpoint, Bauman would not have been conscious for the duration he was following his injury. There would have been too much blood lost and the trauma would have rendered him unconscious.

The West, Texas Fertilizer Explosion was seemingly caused by missile or IUD as clearly seen in the video;

In all these cases we have undeniable proof that these incidents were orchestrated and not random occurrences. 

The US government is definitely behind all these tragedies for a variety of reasons. Gun control, acceptance of more Socialistic laws in the name of security for protection from Terrorism, and the excuse to transform from a free society to that of a Socialistic Dictatorship.

The main clue that tells us that the government is not concerned with Radical Terrorism is the fact that it supports Radical Terrorist groups abroad.

Since Obama took office, we have supported Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda in replacing once friendly governments in the Mid-East and the world.

A government as afraid of organized Terrorism as the US government wants us to believe it is simply would not support the enemy abroad as it is now doing.

All the spying, groping at airports, Cameras at every street corner, and net surveillance is all aimed at American citizens. WE have become the threat to our own government.


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