Ancient Accounts of Planet X Not Prophecy But Extraterrestrial History

The ancient evidence depicting a 12th planet has been totally misunderstood by all who have researched it. These records in reality don’t say that there is a 12th planet that will reappear. What they do say is that at one time there was an extra planet in our solar system during a time when extra celestial bodies were also counted as planets. Today, there are officially nine planets in our solar system when Pluto is also counted as a planet. Depending on what type of object by size and orbit around the Sun, there could be many more planets than 12 or less than 9? It just depends on ones idea of what should be classified as a planet. 

The mention of an extra planet in various ancient scripts is of the planet that once occupied the space between Mars and Jupiter, which is now an area consisting of debris is known as the Asteroid Belt.

The prophecy of doom associated with the extra planet comes from the highly advanced Martian civilization, which was faced with the destruction of their own planet from the obliteration of this object and relocated to Earth before the cataclysm. This theory further concretes the idea that the relocation of the Martian civilization first made their home on the continent of Antarctica, which was located in the tropics at that time, before an axis shift placed the continent in its current polar position. This newly found homeland was referred to as Atlantis.

Under this theory, all 7,billion people living today are direct descendants of this Martian civilization and races came to be, because of different climatic conditions experienced by the worldwide relocation. This single race journey all over the earth, causing skin color to change according to temperature, humidity and precipitation. Other genetic differences also became present due to adaption. Physical differences such as darkened skin color are naturally found in hot climates, lighter skin color is found in much cooler climates. Other noticeable variations, like height and other physical features prevalent in some races and not others are also the direct result of environmental habitat.

Thus, the ancient tales of this mysterious planet are not told from the standpoint of terrestrial beings of happenings here on Earth or of prophecy of things to come here. They are records from an extraterrestrial civilization and accounts of their planet’s destruction, which caused them to relocate to Earth.

Recently, there have been a slew of sightings of objects, which many claim is this strange Planet X. Sunsets are watched for a glimpse of the planet many believe is appearing from the other side of the Sun. The optical illusion of two Suns has also been experienced and even photographed. What these sightings mean is our minds have the capability to manifest anything we strongly believe is true. As I have said before, a reported sighting of Superman today will result in many more in the following days. It is the power of suggestion. Basically, our minds can conjure up anything strongly believed in, even something feared and dreaded. Whatever is there, can be conjured from the mind itself.  

This in no way means that 2012 isn’t a significant date. It is momentous, as far as dramatic changes in human civilization are concerned, as we are currently seeing in many places in the world. 2012 will bring a gradual awakening of our minds, which have been suppressed for thousands of years.


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