Are we moments away from a New Earth?

It seems as if the end-game for the Illuminati is quickening. On 7/27/11, present and former military officials and government officials met in Washington, DC and gave a historical press conference that is going unreported in the Mainstream media. Basically, they admitted that there seems to be an extra-terrestrial presence currently engaging Earth. They used such occurrences such as the shutting down of airports and nuclear sites as evidence. At the same time, various insiders are reporting that the Chinese have officially called in their debts. It has been suggested for years that when the Chinese finally decided to do this, the Illuminati will be finished. It seems as if the time is finally right for this blow to be administered. Also, Ron Paul released an urgent warning on his website recently stating that at some time in the near future the U.S. dollar will crash. This is all evidence that the U.S. Dollar, which is controlled by an Illuminati-controlled organization, the Federal Reserve, is crashing and there is nothing that can solve the problem. All of these different occurrences would explain the relentless coverage of the debt ceiling by the mainstream media. The media is trying to keep us distracted for as long as possible. Complete UFO disclosure along with a new financial system is next. This could be coming in the next few weeks or even days. I seriously doubt that it will be months before any changes occur. It is almost August of 2011, that leaves us less than 18 months to prepare for our Ascension into the 5th dimension.
            For years there has been an on-going chess match behind the scenes between the Illuminati and the White Knights. The White Knights are a group of military and government officials from all around the world who strive to end the reign of the Illuminati and promote light on Earth. They have been aided substantially through the years by the Galactic Federation of Light which is a group of extra-terrestrials from various star systems from all over the Galaxy. This galactic organization has been responsible for the various shutdowns of nuclear sites that have been reported all over the world. They’ve also are the ones responsible for the increased number of UFO sightings. The Galactic Federation has been monitoring Earth since humans created the nuclear bomb in the 1940s. They have been active behind the scenes since the early 90’s. The first major blow came to the Illuminati when their former masters, the Reptilians switched sides in the mid 90’s. Apparently the Reptilians understood that  it was hopeless to try and keep Earth in the dark because of her impending crossing of the Galactic center in December of 2012. This is a natural cycle that cannot be stopped.  Unfortunately, the Illuminati refused to step down and their reign of power continued.
            As time went on, the Illuminati eventually split into a few different factions. The two major ones are the Illuminati who are based in Europe and the New World Order which is the American version. In the last few months this organization has basically disintegrated. Although, they still have the power of mass media to keep most of the public in the dark. Yet, as we have gotten closer and closer to 2012, awakenings have begun to occur in mass.
            Pretty soon new governments will be announced, followed immediately by a more publicized UFO disclosure, possibly done by the Galactic Federation them selves. After the settlement funds are released around the world, and the public is given some time to digest everything that has occurred, there will be first contact. The first extra-terrestrials to come to Earth publicly will be humans. As we get used to the idea of humans from different galaxies, the non-human races will make themselves known. These races include the Greys, the white beings, our former masters the Reptilians, and others. They will mentor us on how to live in the higher dimensions and they will help us release any emotional blocks that are harming our spiritual growth. As this is happening, we will be well into the 4th dimension and everything will feel like a dream. In a few months time, the Earth will be completely clean of pollution and the environment will be restored because of ET technology. In December of 2012, we will ascend into the 5th dimension and there will be heaven on Earth.
            The endgame for the Illuminati is occurring as we speak. A New Age is only moments away! Peace on Earth.

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