Revolutions Occur Overnight

        We are coming up on a major period of our history that will result in the complete change of reality as we know it. This is going to result in a complete change in the way all of the society and institutions we engage in today. Change is starting to become very noticeable for anyone who is awake and even people who are not awake. For instance, on 8-23-11 a moderate earthquake registering 6.0 on the Richter scale hit the East coast. This is a very unusual occurrence for this geographical area. I live on the East Coast and was able to experience the earthquake. I have never experienced an earthquake before and what amazed me was the energy coming out of the Earth immediately after the earthquake had struck. They might have been coming out prior and I just wasn’t aware of them until the earthquake actually struck. There is a racetrack near I live and there were reports that many horses have been freaking out during the immediate hours before the earthquake actually struck. Regardless, immediately after the earthquake, I could feel energy radiating out of the ground and up my feet all the way up to my crown chakra. The energy was potent enough to trigger an emotional release in myself. For a few hours afterwards, I was vibrating at a much higher frequency. I am not sure if this was the case for the entire area or just myself.

            Another testament to the times we are in is the fact that a hurricane is on track to hit the East Coast later this week. Hurricanes are not as rare as Earthquakes are on the East Coast. We usually get a hurricane every couple of years. For an earthquake and a hurricane to potentially hit an area in the same week is evidence that something
incredibly strange is happening to the Earth.
            It’s not incredibly ‘out there’ to believe that such a massive change could happen in a short period of time. Some of the most radical changes in humanity’s history seemingly occurred over night. Examples of this can be found in the Industrial Revolution. Think about everything that has happened to humanity in the last three hundred years. Humanity has made huge technological leaps in a brief time. This might not sound like much at first, but three hundred years is a relatively short time considering how long humans have been around.
        These leaps have been occurring because revolutions in consciousness aren’t necessarily determined by people, they are determined by energetic cycles that occur over the course of thousands and millions of years. Just like our sleep patterns are heavily determined by the everyday cycle of the sun, evolutionary cycles are determined by a solar systems revolution around the Galactic center. There are even greater cycles than this such as the Galaxy’s revolution around the Universal center. There are pockets of energy that largely determine the rate at which a certain solar system is vibrating. This largely explains the downfall humanity faced at the end of Atlantis. From an earthly perspective, the downfall can be explained as two societies being at war with each other and committing the ultimate sin of a nuclear fallout which lead to their sinking into the oceans, from a Galactic viewpoint the solar system moved out of a pocket of higher vibrational energy to a pocket of lower vibrational energy which ultimately triggered these events. While the universal law of free will ultimately makes sure that the individual is in charge of their free will, the ultimate destination we are going to end up in vibrationally is already decided by these cycles. There’s no question that in the coming weeks and months the group consciousness and the planet are going to make the transition into the 4th and 5th dimensions, our decision can be found in how this guaranteed occurrence is going to happen.
            The next few weeks leading up to October 28th are going to be characterized by massive changes in all aspects of life. We’re already starting to see strange weather and natural event patterns. The energy is going to continue to pour into the Earth until everything is a reflection of the 5th dimension. This means that everyone is going to be forced to look at themselves and their beliefs. Some people will choose to leave the planet instead of dealing with the negativity. While I am not completely sure what this means, I believe it means that they will face a physical death and reincarnate on another planet in our Solar System. They will go through another cycle and will be blessed with another change to ascend in a few thousand years. Those of us who ascend into the 5th dimension will have the duty to watch over these people just like the Galactics are watching over us now. We will not miss these people because a few thousand years will
only feel like a few moments from our higher perspective in the 5th dimension.
     As far as how the transitional period is going to go, a channeling from Kauilapele’s blog revealed that the period could possibly occur in 4 stages. I am only speculating but I imagine the first stage will be Illuminati disclosure which is characterized by the emerging revelations about the nature of our financial system and the crimes these people have committed against the human race. The second phase will probably be the emergence of the new financial system. I will say the first two phases could occur in either order. Regardless, these two phases will definitely occur before we witness ET disclosure which is the third stage. The fourth and final stage will be first contact and the cleaning up of the Earth.
     To conclude, the world is about to enter into a major transformational period unlike anything we have witnessed on this planet. The only comparable event in terms of how the populace will feel is 9/11. Take what you felt on 9/11 and multiply it a few times and this is how you will probably feel about what is about to happen. I wish everyone the best of luck; odds are if you are reading this message, you are about to witness the creation of heaven on Earth…
Love and light to everyone and Peace on Earth!

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