Crop Circle Communication

An interesting phenomenon that has been happening throughout history is the crop circle. There are some that claim crop circles are created by aliens, some believe that they are created by the magnetic field of the Earth, yet some claim that the crop circle phenomenon is an elaborate hoax and they tend to use certain occurrences as evidence. While some crop circles are indeed hoaxes, there are some that cannot be explained.

The first noticeable feature of real crop circles is the complexity of them. Some of these crop circles are so detailed that it would take humans hours to create, not to mention they would have to be created in the dark to avoid attention.  Also, the dimensions of these circles are perfect. One mistake by someone and the entire crop circle is ruined. It is very improbable even a professional team of people could pull something as complex and perfect in a few hours of darkness. Also, another feature of crop circles that is noticeable is the glossy appearance of them. This glossy or polished appearance is created by breaking every plant at a perfect angle. It is impossible that this could be done by humans. There have been reports of lights being seen above a field the night before a crop circle appears. It is a pretty big coincidence that there is a UFO sighting the night before a crop circle appears. I remember one report where a farmer mentioned seeing lights by his field, and then moments later a crop circle appeared. This seems a lot like extra-terrestrial activity to me. 

Man-made crop circles appear often appear uneven and messy. They often seem dull compared to the real crop circles. This is because the even breaking of the plants cannot be copied by people. It is simply impossible. If you see one mistake in a crop circle then it is man-made. The extra-terrestrials have the technology to make them perfect which they have demonstrated over and over again. 


Extra-terrestrials use crop circles as a way of communicating when a civilization that has yet woken up to the Galactic neighborhood around them because it can be done without interfering with the free will of the people. Or in other words, it’s easy for people to believe that crop circles are created by other means. Crop circles are not blatant evidence of extra-terrestrial communication.  We live in a free will universe which means that we have the right to believe in whatever we want to. Extra-terrestrial civilizations that have ascended into the 5th dimension have to respect this. If these beings do anything to intrude on our free will there could possibly be a bad outcome for the civilization they’re communicating with. Also from the higher dimensions there is an understanding of the oneness of all life. Therefore, extra-terrestrial civilizations only want what is best for our planet and our evolution. This mindset is crucial to existing in the higher dimensions. An individual or civilization cannot ascend and still keep the same ego patterns we see on Earth and the third dimension, the energy simply doesn’t match.

 There are some cases in which certain people have experienced direct contact with extra-terrestrials; usually this is because of some kind of life contract pre-determined in the higher dimensions before the birth of that person. In the case of abductions by the Greys, these beings are unenlightened. Like the Reptilians, they exist on the lower astrals of the 4th dimension and from my understanding, cannot exist on the 5th dimension. The energies of fear and separation still exist on the 4th dimension; therefore these beings were not complying with the Law of Free Will. While this phenomenon occurred throughout much of the 20th century, from my understanding it was controlled by ascended civilizations and there have never been any cases of physical injury or harm to the abductees. Although, in some cases I’m sure a lot of emotional harm was done. Also, the abductions were carried out for purely experimental purposes.

Because of the amount of light currently entering the Earth, we are experiencing a mass awakening. As a result, the group consciousness has officially asked for assistance from the higher dimensions. Because of this we have seen an increase in UFO sightings. These sightings are becoming increasingly blatant. It cannot be much longer before the group consciousness is ready for some type of disclosure. Whether this is going to be done voluntarily by our governments or forced by the Galactics is yet to be seen.

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