The Final Days and Life After First Contact

Although it seems as if nothing has changed, it seems as if there have been mass changes behind the scenes since Mid-July. Very recently, most sources have begun to claim that the Illuminati are officially finished and that new world is right around the corner. Yet, the Mainstream Media is still pumping out propaganda as usual. Odds are, the Earth allies along with the Galactic Federation are continuing to allow the Mainstream Media to continue while announcements and other plans are being made. Also, they are giving their ground crew some final time to prepare for the final phase of the mission.

The latest full moon on August 13th was big in the sense that a lot of energy was present that could be used to initiate an awakening. Evidence of an awakening in the American People can be found in the fact that Ron Paul is finally beginning to get the recognition he deserves. He was able to finished second in the Iowa Straw Poll last week. Besides that, websites that have run a poll of their own about the GOP nomination (including Fox News) yielded results that have Ron Paul winning by large margins over all the other candidates. This is despite the fact that he is receiving almost zero coverage on Mainstream Media stations. This shows that the American people are beginning to realize the dire situation the United States is in. Also, it shows that the American people are beginning to realize the extent of corruption that exists within Congress. Let’s remember that Ron Paul is running on a platform that he will phase out the Federal Reserve and end both wars immediately. These were two topics that were basically blasphemy a few years ago. The awakening being experienced by many people now is only a precursor to the spiritual awakening that comes next.  Although there will not be a 2012 election, Ron Paul will mostly likely play a major role in the New Governments that will soon emerge in response to the new financial system and UFO disclosure.
            Another thing that really interests me is Ben Fulford’s recent change of tune towards Obama. For a long time, Ben Fulford always claimed that Obama was just another part of the Illuminati. In his latest post, Fulford was discussing the fact that Obama and his backing from the Pentagon are looking to rule over the new financial system. While this probably will not be allowed, most sensitive people will tell you that they have never felt a negative vibe from Obama and that he generally cares about the American people. Obama has done exactly what he was supposed to do. His job was to let the old systems of the Illuminati fade away. Once announcements begin, we will most likely find out that Obama has done a lot behind the scenes that the public does not know about. It really seems as if Obama has completely checked out. This could be an indication that he is well aware that his reign as President is almost over.
 The idea that Obama is looking to rule over the new financial system is further evidence that there has been a clear divide in the United States government. It seems as if it is Obama and the Pentagon against the CIA, FBI, and the rest of the shadow government. This is further indication of how much the Illuminati have split in recent years. Twenty years ago, the Illuminati once had direct control over the United States, Russia, Europe, and Japan. Putin’s regime kicked them out of Russia, they were kicked out of Japan, and the United States branch of the Illuminati split and became the New World Order which has split into even more factions. If they have any power left whatsoever, then it is only a fraction of what they once had a decade ago.
            For awhile it seemed as if the financial systems would have to crash before any changes would be made. But recent channelings from many sources reveal that this is no longer the case. As of early August, the only remaining faction that hadn’t signed on to the implementation of the new governments was the shadow government of the United States. If they have officially signed on then announcements might commence any minute. If not, we must remember that everything is in divine order and there is a reason. Impatience is negative energy and is only delaying the manifestations we want to occur.
 If you are awake it is most likely obvious now that the world can never go back to the way it once was. Announcements will come suddenly without any warning. If you are awake it will be your job to sit down with the people you know and talk to them about what is happening. A lot of people’s beliefs are going to become obsolete so make sure you are there for them. If they do not want help, do not push. They will come around eventually. Also, strive for peace and others will follow. The world is going to be radically different. There is going to be no more room for giant egos and the politics of the past. The people who are extremely immersed in the present reality will probably be completely shell shocked and will go into denial. Send those people your light and pray for them to make it through. When our brethren from the stars land, it will be our job to act as liaisons between them and the other people. This will probably go a lot smoother than most people realize simply because these ETs will look exactly like us. With the permission of the people in your household, invite them into your homes and have a chat. They will have a lot to say on a variety of topics. Introduce them to your friends and your neighbors. The idea is that once people see that the ET’s are friendly, they will open up.
The world will not go into 2012 without seeing major changes. October 28th is coming up which is supposed to be a significant date in the Mayan Calendar. Also, 11/11/11 is going to be a major upliftment that will most likely push the group consciousness into the 4th dimension completely, if we aren’t already there by then.  The energies are not going away. If you just acknowledge the fear that is inside you and let go, everything will be a lot smoother.
My best wishes to everyone as we head into unknown territory. 

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