Pleiadian Humans

When we experience first contact, we will find that the nearest race of beings in our Galaxy as far as appearances are concerned are the Lyrans and the Pleiadians. All of humanity originates from the Lyran system. This is where humanity was first seeded trillions of years ago by the Felines. Many accounts place the Felines as the first beings to evolve in the Universe. Once they reached a certain level of evolution, they felt that it was their mission to seed the Universe with intelligent life. They were able to do this by going from planet to planet and mingling with the DNA of the evolving life forms on that planet. This is what happened in Lyra.
The first Galactic Wars occurred in Lyra. This was a very devastating war between the Reptilians and their allies and the Lyrans. Let’s note that the Reptilians weren’t alone and they  even had human allies fighting on their side. These wars lead to the complete destruction of one of the planets in the Lyran system. Because of this destruction, many Lyrans along with some Felines decided that it was time to leave Lyra and the destruction of war to find a new place to settle. They eventually settle in a star system known as the Pleiades.
            The Pleiadians are almost identical to us in appearance.At first glance you wouldn’t notice anything different about the Pleiadians. This is something that is going to really shock people when first contact begins. They are not that different from us. The only noticeable difference between a Pleiadian and Earthlings are their ears; their ears are slightly pointed. Also, you’ll notice that every Pleiadian has perfect beauty. This is because they have mastered advanced tantric principles that allow them to direct their sexual energy all throughout their body. This embracing of sexual energy stems from a very dark period in the history of Pleiadians. During the period between the two Galactic Wars, the Pleiadians actually managed to completely shutdown their spiritual growth by completely invalidating their inner primal feelings and all negativity. As a result, their cultural evolution completely stagnated and they became empty shells completely void of creativity. When the second Galactic War began, the Lyrans reached out to the Pleiadians and basically gave them a solution to the problem they have created. This was the point at which the Pleiadians became major players in the Orion Galactic War. By getting involved with the negativity in Orion, the Pleiadians were able to reinitiate their spiritual growth. Unfortunately, the Orion conflict ended up badly for the Pleiadians because one of their planets was completely destroyed.  This was also around the time that the Pleiadians first began interacting with Earth.
            Now, like every race in our Galaxy, the Pleiadians do not have a perfect past. They experienced duality and the third and fourth dimensions just like we have. Their actions towards Earth weren’t always completely positive. There were renegade Pleiadians who gave in to the lust of power on Earth. Because of this, they manipulated some of the population of Earth at the time. But as a result, they fell into the karmic cycle. Many older Lightworkers who do not necessarily identify with the star seed revolution but identify with the Pleiadians might actually be one of these souls who fell into the Karmic cycle of Earth. While some fell into the Karmic cycle, some volunteered to be a part of it. A lot of Pleiadian souls incarnated into the peoples that would later be known as the Native Americans. If you have Native American ancestry then you have Pleiadian genes.
            The Pleiadians have reached out to the people of Earth in the past. The most notable being the Bill Meier contacts. While he really had contact with the Pleiadians, it was more of an experiment to see if his ego could handle it. The contacted him in the physical and gave him exclusive tours of their ships, but then they stopped contacting him. Bill Meier went on to proclaim that he was a prophet. This is not true, they were simply just performing a test on him to see what the condition of the human ego was on Earth. The writings from the very early contacts with Bill Meier are legitimate. After a certain point, the rest are either made up or largely distorted by his ego. Besides Bill Meier, Lyssa Royal is another person who has successfully contacted the Pleiadians.
            When first contact begins, the Pleiadians along with the rest of the Galactic Federation will be reaching out to people who are open and accepting to the idea of aliens. These will be the first people they contact in the physical. These beings are extremely smart so they will have the capability to speak our language, although largely they will be communicating with us through telepathy. By contacting people who are open to the idea of aliens, the people who are fearful will be able to see that the Galactic Federation are here to help us. We must realize that the Galactic Federation are not here to save us but that we have already saved ourselves by simply allowing them to come into our reality.

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