What is real and what is illusion?

Whether you have been reading alternative news sites for years or if you’ve just started there’s one question that weighs on your mind. How am I able to discern what is real and what is illusion? It can’t be argued that there are certain organizations in the world that would benefit from misleading people. These organizations deliberately try to keep the public disillusioned. They benefit from this because as long as the public is kept in fear, they will continue to have control. This concept is referred to as consciousness science or the science of consciousness. Everything that exists is vibration at its most basic level. Everything vibrates within a range of octaves. Which ever octave the object or being is vibrating in determines its dimension. The same concept applies to our thoughts and as a result our consciousness.

When a person experiences an awakening they begin to question the world around them. This is why many of us have begun to question the mainstream media and ultimately have begun getting our information from alternative news sites. The members of the elite power structure that has had control over the world for many years are aware of this. They have a deep understanding of the science of consciousness and how the group consciousness works. They understand that if they can keep people confused and in fear, they will ultimately continue to have control. This organization has the resources to influence a large number of people. They are able to achieve this through means of the mainstream media.

During the last two decades though, something has changed. The vibration of the planet has begun to increase and as a result the group consciousness of the planet has begun to increase. Because of this people have begun to awaken at an alarming rate. This is happening because of natural cycle that occurs because of our revolution around the galaxy. This cycle is no different in concept than the natural cycle of seasons we experience every year. The difference is this is a cycle of energy. Our entire solar system is being exposed to higher-dimensional energy. This is ultimately causing the group consciousness of the planet to ascend into the 4th dimension and eventually into the 5th dimension. This also explains the erratic weather patterns and earthquakes we have been experiencing. The Earth is releasing negativity as she begins her ascension back into the higher dimensions. Unfortunately because of the actions of an elite power structure that holds the belief that they have the right to control the Earth and all other residents this cycle is happening at a slower pace.

These organizations are having harder time of controlling the group consciousness. There are thousands of lightworkers on this planet that are beginning to experience the energies of the higher dimensions. Because these people have taken the time to increase their vibration, they have guaranteed that the planet and all of her residents will ascend. Evidence of this occurrence is everywhere. There’s a lot of unrest in the world occurring right now. Everywhere people are beginning to question their reality and as a result starting to demand their basic rights. More anymore truth is beginning to seep into the mainstream. Not to mention, every couple of days there seems to be a major UFO sighting. Is it really a coincidence that all of this is happening now?

When discerning an article think about the overall message of the article, is the author trying to make me afraid? Remember that our emotions are just energy. When you are afraid you’re in a state of disempowerment. Just by thinking about a creating a new world full of peace and happiness you’re adding to the vibration of the group consciousness, and as a result quickening the manifestation of it. We have the power to create whatever we want. Do not let these people keep you in fear. The energy is now present on Earth for us to completely transform our lives in a small amount of time. Use it!

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