Basic Questions About 9/11

On September 11th, 2001, two passenger planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings as well as the Pentagon. Three buildings collapsed that day which sparked a war on terror which is still going on today. As we all know, the official story claims that a few Muslim extremists were able to hijack a bunch of airplanes and crash them into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon in a coordinated attack. Also, for the first time in history, three skyscrapers collapsed primarily due to fire, including WTC7 which wasn’t even hit by a plane. There are blatant problems with the official story of September of 11th which points to the idea that it was an inside job, but there is also a lot of disinformation purposefully placed on the internet to mislead people. Here are the most obvious facts that raise serious questions about the official story of 9/11. 
            The first fact that is going to be explored is the melting point of steel. Steel melts at roughly 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. First off, in order for a fire to reach this temperature, there has to be a large supply of oxygen. But, the black smoke coming from the buildings suggest that the fire was oxygen-starved. Also, jet fuel along with pieces of furniture and other office supplies would only burn at around 800 degrees Fahrenheit, far below the melting point of steel. Since the fires were oxygen starved, they were burning below 800 degrees. The fires burning in the World Trade Centers would have been burning at the same temperature as a normal house fire or brush fire. Houses do not always collapse due to fires, so it seems illogical that three skyscrapers supported by steel beams built to withstand fire and plane impacts would collapse simply due to fire. Molten steel was seen pouring out of the World Trade Centers moments before it collapsed. It is physically impossible that the molten steel was caused by the fires burning because of the reasons discussed above. This fact points to the idea that there was some other force which had the power to generate enough heat to successfully create melt steel. This fact alone disproves the findings of the 9/11 commission.
 The Windsor Building in Madrid burned for 5 hours and did not collapse.
            Now, let’s say on the September 11th, that scientific laws didn’t apply and the World Trade Centers did collapse due to fire. If this was the case, then an uneven collapse or only a partial collapse should have been witnessed. This is because the fire wouldn’t have been burning evenly. It is only natural that some parts of the floors that were struck by the plane would have been hotter than others. Logically, because of this it would only make sense that certain areas would have given and collapsed before others. In turn, this should have caused a partial or incomplete collapse. But instead, the complete opposite was witnessed. Also, for the collapse to occur at free fall speed without the aid of some kind of explosive there would have to be a lot of momentum at the top to start the collapse. If the World Trade Centers were so fragile that a few floors collapsing because of fire created enough momentum for the entire structures to virtually collapse into themselves, then only a few floors would needed to be wired with explosives to demolish a lesser building. Yet, in order for a building to be demolished, most floors have to be wired with explosives in order to make sure that the floors give way when the momentum caused by gravity and the collapsing of the floors above it hits it. Let’s remember that the World Trade Centers were at the forefront of human architecture and were known for their ingenuity. Remember the World Trade Center bombings of 1993? Also, a bomber once struck the Empire State Building in 1945, but it remains standing today. If a military bomber couldn’t cause the collapse of the skyscraper 65 years ago, it is illogical that a plane would cause the collapse of a much more modern skyscraper. 
 An office building in Venezuela burned causing two floors to collapse, but the underlying floors failed to collapse. This should have been the worst case scenario for the World Trade Center Buildings.
            There are literally thousands of whistle-blowers and architects that seriously doubt the official story of 9/11. Yet, these people go unreported in the Mainstream Media. If someone who has studied buildings seriously questions the events of 9/11 and the collapse of the World Trade Centers, then that is a sign that there is really something there. The information mentioned in this article was chosen because it can be easily verified. Anyone can go Google the melting point of steel and find the exact temperature. Anyone can go research and find that black smoke coming from a fire means that the fire is oxygen starved. These obvious facts cannot be denied. The events of September 11th, 2001 provide the most evidence that there is a shadow government. This is the most basic evidence that the world that is presented to us through the media is drastically different than how it really is. Everyone needs to take a good look at “conspiracies” and realize that there is truth there.
Truth is stranger than fiction.

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