How the Illuminati Exert Control Through the Media

Most of the things we see and hear through media is controlled and manipulated. What we see on TV is like a movie almost. We are given this projected image of what is happening in the world which is not necessarily an accurate picture. If you are an avid reader of alternative news sites then you are most likely aware of this occurrence. What people do not understand is how deeply embedded the disinformation really is.

The elites who have this amount of control over media outlets understand that there is something called the internet and people use it to spread the Truth. As a result, they have people who directly place disinformation on the internet. The most obvious example are the many sites that attempt to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy. This is the most obvious example because one doesn’t have to look very deeply to find evidence contradicting the official story. The “Conspiracy” of 9/11 is based in scientific fact. Yet, because of the vast amounts of disinformation on the internet, even awakened people have a hard time realizing this notion.  Often times, articles that attempt to debunk the events of 9/11 never really attempt to look at the facts. Instead they attack the people who try and speak the truth by claiming they are “insane” or a variety of other adjectives. Often times these articles will have a derogatory tone which is used to make the reader believe they are somehow wrong for even looking into the subject. News Outlets such as Fox News use this tactic as well. They will bring a person on air that has a belief that is considered “crazy” in comparison to the Mainstream. Instead of letting these people talk, the news casters attack their credibility in a derogatory manner. These actions coming from major news outlets are enough to make a rather confident person question what they believe. It is hard to stick to your logic when everyone else is heavily influenced by the mass media and afraid to look into the subject. It is even harder to stick to your logic when you’re being attacked for speaking your opinion.

            While the Mainstream Media is an obvious outlet for disinformation, alternative news sites and blogs are other avenues the Elites take in order to spread disinformation. The problem with this is that people who read alternative news sites are people who are beginning to awaken to the true nature of the world. The Elite try to depict a world in which they have complete control over everything. They try to make one feel as if there is no solution to what is happening. While the Elites do have a lot of influence over certain aspects of society, they don’t have complete control over everything. The control that they are capable of exerting over people is through the mind and they are able to do this by creating impressions through mainstream and alternative sites.

            The Elite often use news outlets as a means of manifesting havoc in the world. The Elites have an understanding of some of the basic functions and laws of our society. One of these basic laws is the Law of Attraction. The idea behind the Law of Attraction is that an individual or group creates their reality through their thoughts. Most people are unaware of this law. As a result, the Elites have been able to use the media to help manifest havoc. An example can be found in the constant bombardment of articles about how WWIII is about to start that we find on some alternative news sites. Fortunately, there is so much light on the planet now that the attempts by the Elites to create any havoc will come up short. Also, the Galactics have made it clear throughout the decades that nuclear weapons won’t ever be used again on this planet.

            The Elites do not have nearly as much power as some of the alternative news sites portray. Their power is diminishing by the day. Soon they will be out and the New Earth will manifest. In order to quicken the manifestation of the New Earth, try and stay out of fear. Also, be weary of the doom and gloom alternative news articles. The only thing these articles are good for is keeping the reader in a state of disempowerment. When an individual is afraid, that individual is easy to manipulate and control. This is a tactic that has been used over and over again to keep the masses in check throughout our time in the lower dimensions.

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