The Alteration of Timelines

    The idea of time and timelines from a higher dimension is completely different from how we experience time in the third. In the 4th dimension or in other words dreamtime, time can seem to pass by extremely slow or extremely fast. I’m sure everyone has had a dream that feels to have last forever but in the third dimension it has only lasted a few minutes. From the 5th dimension, there is an awareness that time is an illusion. Beings on the 5th dimension are able to completely live in the now moment at all times. Also, there is an awareness of all lower dimensional selves existing on every timeline simultaneously. Because of this, they are able to basically see into the future and the past. Because the future, present and past are all existing simultaneously, 5th dimensional beings have the power to change it. This is what has occurred on Earth in the last 20 years. Souls from higher-dimensional civilizations throughout our Galaxy and the Universe have incarnated on Earth in order to completely alter the timelines.  These souls have been able to alter the timelines simply by waking up to their Galactic heritage and increasing their vibrations. The Starseeds waking up combined with the older Light Workers and the constantly increasing energy from space has caused a domino effect which is allowing more and more people to wake up every day.  The effects of this occurrence are being witnessed now in current events.

    At one point in time, the timeline of Earth was meant to end badly for Humanity. This is because of numerous events that have occurred over the past century such as the nuclear weapon, overpopulation and pollution to name a few. Also, the timeline was meant to end badly for Earth because of the actions of a small group of elites. The Earth used to be completely shrouded in darkness. Regardless of actions and choices of Humanity, the Earth was going to release this negativity and ascend into the 5th dimension. The only way for Earth to release negativity is by Earthquakes, extreme weather patterns and occurrences of that nature.  Because the vibrations of humanity were so low, this would have meant catastrophe for us. The Earth changes would have been so massive that the vast majority of people would have perished. This was the set timeline for a large portion of Earth’s history since her last fall from the higher dimensions. This also explains the many prophecies of disaster regarding our end times. A person who can legitimately see into the future can only see the timeline that has occurred because of choices made in the present moment. Because of the free will nature of our universe, the future can be altered.  
    In 1987 an event happened that would later turnout to completely change the timeline of Earth, this event is known as the Harmonic Convergence. The Harmonic Convergence was a planned group meditation that took place in many areas all around the world simultaneously. This event was the first calling to the Higher dimensions for help with the Ascension process and the end of duality. Civilizations from the higher dimensions answered and this sparked the Starseed revolution. From 1987 until present starseeds have been incarnating on Earth in massive numbers in order to completely change the timelines and assure a successful Ascension for everyone that wanted to participate. Let’s note, that starseeds have been present on Earth throughout her history and the history of Humanity. A starseed is a Soul from another civilization in the Universe, usually from the Milky Way Galaxy. A large portion of starseeds are from human civilizations which can be perceived as the forefathers of Humanity on Earth. While technically everyone on Earth is from the stars because we exist on all dimensions simultaneously, the difference between a starseed and other people is that starseeds incarnated on Earth to help end duality, while other people incarnated here to experience duality. Also, another major difference between starseeds and other people is that starseeds are currently experiencing their first incarnation on Earth, while a lot of the population on Earth have been incarnating over and over again since the fall of Atlantis.
     The mission that many starseeds set out to accomplish has been successfully completed. The timelines have been officially altered to the point that everyone who chooses Ascension will be able to ascend in the very near future. Also, because of our choices the Galactics have been able to interfere more directly behind the scenes. We are now seeing the manifestations of the changing timelines play out in our current events. Because of the constantly increasing energy, events that would have taken months or years to complete a decade ago, are now going to happen in a matter of days or weeks. There is no slowing down at this point; the rate of manifestations will continue to increase until everything is a reflection of higher dimensional energy. Anything negative that happens is being allowed to happen by the Galactics. They are letting the Elites expose themselves to Humanity. Also, anyone who dies has chosen to die at this time as a part of their life contract.
    Everyone needs to take a good look at themselves and the nature of their beliefs. Our reality is about to be blown out of the water.

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