Contrails/Chemtrails A Government Plot To Create Global Warming

A recent cancellation of a British climate geo-engineering project which involved placing a balloon in the upper atmosphere and releasing water to reflect sunlight, brings to mind the chemtrail controversy. Many believe that certain governments, especially the United States government is involved with a black project in which high flying aircraft are dispensing both harmful chemicals and or genetically engineered bacteria designed to affect our food supply and health.

Chemtrail or Contrail?

In many places where contrails or chemtrails are so numerous that the whole sky becomes overcast in just a few minutes it is easy to understand why so many are concerned. It would seem that there is a project going on involving spraying as much as possible at high altitudes or there wouldn’t be the great amount of contrails we see today.

As with any secret government project, the likelihood of a sinister goal can’t be ruled out.

I believe most of the contrails or chemtrails to be entirely climate related. As with the cancelled balloon project the idea of modifying the climate by creating a thin layer of high altitude cloud cover, fits right in to this controversy. However, judging from a knowledgeable meteorological standpoint, I believe the governments involved with creating massive amounts of contrails to be trying to cause global warming by placing a thin layer of high altitude cloud cover which would prevent massive amounts of the sun’s radiation from returning to space.

We are told that such a thin layer of cloud cover at high altitudes will prevent a large amount of solar radiation from reaching the earth’s surface because it would be reflected back into space. This reasoning is flawed science, since the total amount of radiation reflected back into space during the day will not come close to the amount of radiation prevented from returning to space during the night, because of the manmade ice crystal cap.

The desert can be used as an example of this. During the day in the height of summer, the entire sky can be filled with overcast from human created cirrus clouds by way of contrails or chemtrails and the temperature will still reach well into the hundreds. The nightly low temperature will remain higher than usual because of the cloud cover. So, what we are ending up with is more and more solar radiation being trapped in the atmosphere and more being added each day. Thus, this geo-engineering project of the climate is actually designed to increase global temperatures, not reduce them.

In creating a greenhouse cap the government is assured of making global warming/climate change a reality, so it can pursue the political and financial goals associated with the scam. It is important to realize that every aspect of the GW/CC scheme is based entirely on conjecture using computer models, graphs, and satellite images which are manipulated to show a desired outcome.

In reality, there is no sea level rise taking place, because no recording station has recorded a rise in the decades, since such the technology to calculate it became available.

The claims of melting glaciers by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the World Meteorological Society (WMO), and other climate related United Nations organizations has been proven false as seen recently, in the scientific find that the ice packs of the Himalayan mountains is the same size in depth and area today as it has been for decades.

The claims of the hottest year on record by these shysters had to be changed from 1998 which was based on manipulated data, to 1934 which was from actual weather records.

The hottest decade was also changed from 2000/2010, which was based on flawed data, to the 1930s because of actual recorded temperatures showing the 1930s and early 1940s as the hottest decade ever recorded in modern times.

The claims of melting polar ice at both poles is also false because at present, the earth has more ice both in area and thickness than it did only a decade ago.

I could go on disproving every claim of GW/CC ever made but the volume would be too great for a simple article. The bottom line is every aspect of GW/CC is lies and can be proven so, by using actual weather, climate, and geophysical evidence recorded by science.

Global warming was changed to climate change because no evidence existed showing any warming. Climate change was changed to global climate disruption because no evidence existed supporting any change in the overall climate of the planet.

GCD will also be changed since no evidence of disruption will be found supporting this lie.

The contrail/chemtrail plan to create GW/CC would assure the implementation of socialistic laws and freedom reducing regulations on the United States and drastically increase the influence of the UN as a central world government.

Recent executive orders signed by President Obama essentially shred the US Constitution and replace it with UN based laws and regulations. This is part of the plan which desperately needs the reality of GW/CC in order to help bring this socialistic agenda to fruition.

The multi-billion dollar green industry which includes carbon trading, wind, and solar investments is also a huge factor in the desperation to have GW/CC become a reality.

Thus, the contrail/chemtrail conspiracy has a lot more meaning than most realize. It is part of a sinister plan to usher in a one world government.

If it becomes a reality, the next step will be reducing the world’s population from 7, billion as it is now to the goal of 500, million as has been projected by those involved with this agenda.

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