Earth An ET Science Project Since The Beginning

By Tony Elliott

Everyone in the UFO community speculates on the intentions of the extraterrestrial visitors. We wonder why that as of yet we have not received any messages through SETI, any physical contact from them, and why we seem to be constantly monitored.

The answer to these and other questions should be quite clear if not viewed through a human perspective.

It is natural to view everything from what we know, are familiar with and within our level of intelligence, but in understanding an extraterrestrial civilization requires thinking out of the proverbial human box and think like an ET.

As I have said many times in the past, any civilization intelligent enough to either visit our planet physically or mentally interact with us from afar is so advanced that we could not even begin to realize the scope of their knowledge and physical appearance. Such an advanced intelligence has long since disposed of the primal feelings of love, hate, sex, jealousy and all the emotions we humans are currently all about. So we must look at ourselves as primitive animals being observed and communicated with in the same context as we scientifically examine other species here on our own planet.

The hopes of getting any communication from outside Earth on the level such as what’s expected from SETI is futile as they would not use any type of communication we’re familiar with. More than likely, their communication is all on a mental level and since we haven’t developed a means of picking up brain waves from actual projected thoughts of other minds we simply do not have the means communicate with them.

They would interact with us on a mental and spiritual level and some abduction experiences are the result of this kind of communication. Since the ET’s have long since gone past the stage of all things primal, any undesirable experiences such as those of a sexual nature come from within our own minds during contact. Human subjects, who associate subliminal contact experiences with that of wild sexual encounters, some forced, originate within the mind of the human, as the ET has no interest in such escapades other than observing the mind, which projects such images. Sexual and other undesirable experiences, which are reported to be associated with contact is the result of the opening of the mind of the human subject during contact.

In order to make contact with a human on a subliminal level the subject’s mind must be opened as never before. During this process all disturbing thoughts since birth, which have been buried deep in the subconscious for decades will be released and the subject must face their own fears before their mind becomes clear enough for entry. Therefore, if one has skeletons in the closet, they will face them during an experience. This also applies for undesirable memories of things the subject may know about concerning others that was disturbing to him or her but tried to bury them over the years. 

Any extraterrestrial civilization advanced enough to visit Earth and or communicate with us have long since shed the idealism of good and evil, which plague us individually and as a whole and replaced it with the reality of intellectual indifference to such emotions.

UFOs are seen on a daily basis on this planet in many areas. These sightings are for both our own growth in realizing we’re not alone and for gathering information on our species such as diet, (cattle mutilations) our scientific and technological advancement. To advance our evolution mentally in how we treat each other such as wars, killings, and neglect of those needing help, how we treat the planet we live on. Eliminating the greed and replacing it with compassion. To eradicate the old belief systems we still cling to and all of these examples of why we are being monitored and are the very same reasons we are deemed not ready for integration into the stellar community. As long as we continue to put most of our efforts into ways and means of waging wars and gaining financially from schemes and projects off our neighbors, we will remain unfit as a civilized group for anything other than what we experience today regarding ETs.

It is a sad fact, but we humans are the demons residing in the Hell we created for ourselves, here on Earth. Very few places exist in the universe where the threat of annihilation such as nuclear war comes from the species itself rather than from an outside natural source. We murder, rape, cheat, steal, harbor thoughts of self worth above others who possess less. We legitimatize it all through whatever faith we may belong to, by thinking we will be forgiven for our ill will in confessing to an invisible deity our sins.

The human civilization is by no means the righteous mass of beings many think we are, when it comes to extraterrestrial contact. Our minds are the tainted instruments to which all frightening and evil scenarios originate. Of course, there are a few who do not follow along-in this realm of thought but overall, this is the way we think as a human society. Therefore, until the mindset of the  masses as a whole race of humans are awakened and accept peaceful ways as Gospel we will continue on a road to a false self glorification though our own conjectural deities and ill persona.

It is the human mind itself, which fears any experiences it does not understand, along with our current level of intelligence and understanding, that prevents any direct contact. It is important to realize that any visiting extraterrestrial civilization would treat us as mere lab rats.

The Earth has been an ET science project since the beginning with periods of visitations, varying from that of a mental and spiritual nature to actual physical contact at various times throughout history. These physical appearances are responsible for many religious texts and some Mythology accounts but were a necessary tool used in keeping the Earthbound human population on the right track.

In the days of old, fear was used by the ETs as the quickest way to control us. Human nature has not changed much since then, as the only thing we really respect today is fear. We as a civilization must always be afraid of something for us to be concerned about it. Fear of nuclear war is the only thing that has kept us from the desire of widespread conflict. Fear of having to answer to an omniscient God has kept us from dissolving into a chaotic mass of raving lunatics.

Thus, it is fear of the unknown concerning ET visitations that keeps us controlled during contact. The fear factor must be used by the ETs in every instance in communicating with a species such as our own, which still holds on to prejudiced ideals toward many groups within its own classification.

As I have said before, we are but primitive primates on the lowest scale of intelligence compared to the extraterrestrial visitors. We remain a species who must be manipulated and controlled in every instance of contact because we are the dangerous animals, who as of yet cannot be trusted because of our prevalent animalistic instincts.    

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