Enviroclowns/ The Climate Change Circus

By Tony Elliott

Many of you know who read my articles, both here at the UFO Digest and other publications I write for, know my view of the entire Global Warming/Climate Change issue. What a sinister lie it is, with its greedy intentions and overtones of Government dominance.

It has taken some 8 months of research and a year to compile my latest book on the issue, but it is finally on the market.

ENVIROCLOWNS/THE CLIMATE CHANGE CIRCUS is now available at Amazon and a host of other outlets.

This book isn’t filled with rants and raves of opinion. It is a true expose novel, with months of research and provides the reader with actual proof that Global Warming/Climate Change is a total farce. Like no other book of its kind, it will prove that the Earth is not currently, nor has been in a warming period, contrary to what we are told by the IPPC and WMO. This book shows actual weather and climate records, which defy the lies of computer generated climate info. Which over the years, were designed to show a preordained outcome as presented by those who desire us to believe in their scheme.

I also prove that most of the so called climate scientists of the IPCC, WMO and other international climate organizations are nothing more than scientists who possess doctorates in fields unrelated to weather, climate or geophysics. For the most part, they are environmental activists, and individuals with an agenda, who share a common goal of manipulating the public into believing in a false threat. While doing this, they may reap the fruits of their Green Investments and have the United States government force the world to invest in their scheme, through legislation at home and through agreements with foreign governments abroad.

The bottom line is, no one but about two people belonging to the IPCC and WMO are qualified to dictate climate, weather and related geophysical evidence to anyone. The two who are qualified, are simply environmental activists and their backgrounds prove this.

Aside from this actual temperature, records show absolutely no consistent overall rise in global temperatures since modern human civilization has been keeping records. 

The book has actual proof showing that there is currently more ice in both area and depth at each pole, than there was during the 1970’s.

The Green Propaganda Machine releases stories almost on a daily basis, telling us of dire Earth changes taking place due to Global Warming/Climate Change. However, I prove these articles are lies, based on assumptions rather than concrete truth.

I also explain the truth regarding Carbon Dioxide and Methane gases in our atmosphere.

The truth regarding Wind and Solar energy.

The politics behind the boondoggle and Carbon Trading.

 I also provided the heretofore-classified Wiki Leaks, regarding actual conversations between those who wish to dupe us into believing in their lies.

If you want the truth about Global Warming /Climate Change backed up with actual recorded facts and not the smokescreen, we are given daily, then Enviroclowns/The Climate Change Circus is for you. It also entertains with Al Gore’s idiotic antics and the silly propaganda lists, which have been used on the public.

The book can be purchased at my web site;



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Enviroclowns: The Climate Change Circus



Enviroclowns/ The Climate Change Circus

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