ET Tactics Similar To Those Used By Human Explorers

By Tony Elliott

In the annals of evolutionary development, any species such as humans will tend to judge other species in accordance with the level of their own mentality. For example, till about the mid 1900s modern human society was still discovering primitive tribes of humans in unexplored areas of Africa, South America, and Asia. To those making the discovery these societies were considered savages and their way of life unacceptable. The main objective of those who discovered them was to bring civilization to them in the form of modernization of their living conditions, education and faith in order to integrate them into the modern world.

The explorers never asked these tribes if they wanted to abandon their way of life or allowed any debate on the subject. They were simply deemed as groups of people who needed to become civilized and thus their way of life became history.

The fate of many civilizations such as the Mayans and Incas, which in many ways were more advanced than the explorers who discovered them, was determined based on their primitive lifestyle and above all their system of belief, which was determined as blasphemous to the explorers who were of the Christian faith. The ultimate result of their discovery was their decimation based on the system of ideals of the explorers who found them.

Throughout human history, judgments were made on discovered societies in accordance to that of the discoverer.

Today, most of us await any confirmation of intelligent life we may find on Mars, similar to our ancestors who sailed the seas or explored the deepest, darkest parts of yet unknown continents. What we have in common is our idea of what a discovered society should resemble in both appearance and intellect. If the day comes, we discover a society conducting life similar to that of a past primitive Earth society our immediate plan would be to change their way of life and try to bring them up to speed with our own ideas of modernization. Not once would we hesitate to interfere in bringing our own set of standards and ideals to such a human-judged primitive extraterrestrial civilization.

If a society were discovered where the inhabitants resembled our own ideas of hideous monsters our thoughts would turn to either not contacting them at all or their destruction. In either case, the decision we make is based on our judgment according to our current level of intelligence.

If on the other hand, extraterrestrials decided to land and chat with the President. their ships would be immediately surrounded by a heavily armed military with shaky trigger fingers.

Judgment calls are always made on newly discovered societies, based on the nucleus of intelligence of the discoverer.

Since the ETs are astronomically further advanced than we humans in all ways, we are the primitive society. 

What would be the objective of such an advanced ET society when dealing with our human civilization?

First, physical contact would be out of the question because somebody could be killed even accidently.

Since they already know, all there is to know about us they would gradually prepare us for realization and acceptance that we are not alone in the universe. This process has been going on for quite some time in the form of UFO sightings, crop circles, and an occasional sighting of the ETs themselves. 

More recently, we have moved into the next step of realization in the form of the abduction experience, auras, and paranormal experiences. These encounters are similar to those involving our own discoveries of deemed primitive tribes in our past. What we may think of these experiences such as good, bad, frightening, etc are not taken into consideration by the ETs as we did not care about the way of life of primitive tribes of our own species. The main objective of the ET experience is to bring enlightenment and spiritual growth to the human species. They view us as primitive based on their knowledge of knowing we are a warring civilization among ourselves, have thoughts of greed, lust, mendacity, prejudice in both race and material value, and idol worship embedded in our subconscious. They would view it as we have in the past and present, and they would not stop to take into consideration the feelings of those contacted. The only objective here is bringing realization into the equation, along with the removal of roadblocks we may have embedded within our suspiciousness minds, which need to be removed in order for us as a whole to advance in terms of mental and spiritual evolution.

For those who wish to label ETs as evil, based on their own experiences it is their own level of evolution mentally and spiritually that makes it so.

Now it is human civilization, which has been discovered and must be brought up to speed for integration into a yet further advanced civilization, which deems us as primitive in all aspects of their society.

In the whole scheme of things, involving intelligence, the concept of good and evil is nonexistent in advanced civilizations. Those who visit us have no such concept; it only exists in the minds of beings at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder to infinity.

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