Extraterrestrial Phenomenon

By Tony Elliott

With the sheer number of UFO sightings, from our planet’s surface and from space; along with the thousands of various sizes, shapes, colors, and there are those that morph in both color and shape during a sighting. It would be a safe assumption to say that we are seeing these crafts both because we are the focus of multiple intergalactic civilizations and we are a point in space that sees heavy traffic from alien commerce pass by.

While there are perhaps millions of civilizations involved the technology used for intergalactic travel is the same for all ET crafts that have the capability to cover such mind blowing distances in hardly any time. This type of travel requires the ships to have the capability of inter dimensional travel as such great distances. This simply could not be achieved with the old concept of going from point A to point B in a straight line because structurally any craft would disintegrate from the speed itself or hit something floating in space along the way.

The crafts themselves, have to be constructed of both inanimate materials such as various metals and of living tissue. This would allow the ships to change their physical characteristics at any given moment to adjust to different environments and to have the capability of thought that integrates with the minds of the crew. This technology would be the ultimate in nano science where actual metals and other materials of flesh would be grown from a molecular level to form an entity entirely made for universal travel that has the ability to adjust itself to any environment, think for both itself, and carry out orders from its crew.

A living craft would be necessary for the environments encountered in dimensions where the physical universe as we know it is nonexistent. The closest thing we humans have at our disposal for research into this science is the virus. The virus also comes in multiple shapes and sizes and a variety of colors as well as having the capability of mutation to adjust to a hostile environment. A virus is to this day, such an elusive being that medical science has trouble classifying it. They are not living creatures having any similar characteristics of living single celled bacteria. They carry the Genesis of life itself in RNA (Ribonucleic acid) which is essential for all known life forms and DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) which is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. Thus, this minute entity has the capability of directing the evolution of every life form on our planet by influencing the very core of what makes us what we are. There are many different types of viruses, which cause a variety of diseases ranging from the common cold to cancer, but I suspect that we have the wide array of viruses we do today because of the mutation and replication from a single virus entity in the beginning.

The structure of the virus resembles something that was constructed rather than a living organism. There are some that have the structural appearance of the old Apollo spacecraft complete with landing gear (the bacteriophage), some that appear like the sphere at Disney World in Orlando, Florida’s Epcot Center having a structure composed of pentasymmetrons,   trisymmetrons, symmetrons. (shapes such as pentacles, triangular and thread shapes) and the form a complete icosahedrons( A round sphere) while others resemble sticks and worms.

The replication process is rather like something out of a science fiction movie, in that a virus will use the DNA and RNA from the host cell to materialize multitudes of new viruses, which will spread out and infect other surrounding cells in a never-ending process. The process only ends when the immune system of the host mounts an offensive against the invaders and kills them or the virus is victorious and kills the multi-celled host. In some cases, such as with the virus responsible for Chicken Pox for example, will find a spot in the body like the spinal cord and remain there in suspended animation for several decades before reactivating and causing yet another similar affliction such as in this case Shingles.

Thus, in the realm of size we have the virus existing at the microscopic level, which continuously changes appearance and seems to be alien, having no distinct qualities of single celled life forms but carries the necessary building blocks for life itself.

On the other hand, we have UFOs existing on a grand scale, which exhibit similar characteristics in shape shifting and travel within their medium, which encompasses the vastness of both the physical universe and that of yet unknown dimensions.

The bottom line is the physical makeup of both viruses and UFOs share similar characteristics in both physical appearance and capabilities. Those of us exploring the possibilities of the UFO phenomena need to be looking to Terrestrial micro space as well for answers to this Extraterrestrial phenomenon.   

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