Recently there have been a slew of unconfirmed reports of an 8.4 magnitude earthquake having occurred near the coast of Libya. However, no official information exists of this event.

It should be noted by all that such a large earthquake simply could not be covered up by government entities or the press, which essentially labels this, story a fraud.

Libya is a country, which would have catastrophic damage, and perhaps millions of lives lost if such a seismic event really did occur. The NATO campaign against Col. Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi would have transformed from one of war to a humanitarian mission.

Since the quake supposedly was centered offshore in the Mediterranean, it would have generated a Mediterranean Sea wide tsunami, affecting all countries in the whole area.

Since absolutely no evidence of this 8.4 quake exists, it must be determined that no such event ever occurred.

The only reason for such a false story to originate in the first place is for the benefit of getting the price of crude oil even higher than it is. No other reason but jacking up crude oil prices from speculators could be the nucleus for such a story making news.

Such stories with false information are designed and intentionally released with specific goals in mind from those who have vested interests in gaining from fabricated news releases. In this case, it was raising the price of crude oil. In other instances, it is for a wide array of reasons but mostly for influencing the world markets or helping push through a political agenda.

The recent killing of Osama bin Laden was a calculated event geared to be presented to the public at exactly the time it was simply because public opinion and that of many elected officials was to refuse to accept an extension of the Patriot Act. Thus, with the fabricated threat from Al Qaeda getting revenge for Osama’s death was excuse enough to extend this Marxist law for another 4 years. 

From the government’s standpoint, the whole show put on for the American people was a great success, which allows them to further manipulate their own citizens in the guise of protecting them.

In today’s world, the average person must analyze each piece of news coming across the wire, to distinguish real news items from information designed to manipulate.

We are living in times where the government is not our friend and is instead an entity wishing to dominate and take advantage of us at every given opportunity.

We Americans really are living in a time when the only solution to Big Brother is revolution.

Like dark storm clouds gathering on the horizon, signaling a destructive storm so are the dark clouds of discontent and resentment gathering from American patriots.

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